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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Making Dough 
There are a great many things that ... as they age with time ... they become masterpieces in all manner of forms.  For example, Scotch can become exceptional with time.  Many of the art masterpieces are achieved not in the masters youth but at the end of his life's work.  The same is true for Teddy Bridgewater because at some point ... to be consistently successful ... he's going to need to see himself playing in this league 10 years down the line.     

Maybe the best example in life is in mixing dough.  Now consider a daughter, a mother and a grandmother all making pies for an upcoming Thanksgiving feast.  Who's pies always come out to be the best.  Of course it is grandma's pie but seldom does anyone consider why?  Of course the daughter is impatient ... probably multitasking in all the preparations.  Both the mother and daughter have sufficient strength to really work that dough whereas the grandmother no longer has that strength where she gets the dough to a point and moves on.  Dough doesn't like to be over-mixed.  In fact, poor mixing is preferred and it usually results in a flaky crust.  For Teddy, football is like dough where 10 years from today ... if he's still playing ... he won't be able to do the things that he can do today or at the very least ... he will no longer consider what he's doing now to be successful.  

Take a good look at those films.  Too often Teddy left the pocket way too soon learning that when that alarm goes off in his head ... sprint for the side lines.  In fact, the way they are now playing Teddy, the defense is daring Teddy to beat our defense from the pocket ... pouncing on the lanes of a spooked Teddy.  This isn't about the bravery and toughness of Teddy Bridgewater ... it's about the poor decisions that Teddy is making.  Now look at those D-lineman.  Many didn't even pursue Teddy knowing that they didn't need to chase Teddy's sprint to the sidelines.  They would allow an edge defender to clean up the play for at most a short gain.  In all ... another wasted opportunity.  

Now look at Favre in 2009.  He didn't have Teddy's sprinting skills.  He learned to side step the rush ... just a few yards to the right or left and then plant his feet ... for that down the field throw.  Rarely did Favre leave the zone between the numbers still leaving him the entire field to throw to ... not just one third of it.  In fact, he could even still throw across his body to secure that late over the middle throw for an interception ... but hey ... there could be a receiver wide open in that zone.   

Today, Teddy is trying to secure positive yards with his feet ... sprinting toward that sideline.  There are very limited times when that is a good thing however, in doing so, there is a lost opportunity cost.  Just like knowing that you can't toss a touchdown pass if you're handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson ... so it is as true sprinting for that sideline.  In facing the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks for the 2nd time this season ... what you have is opportunity.  All you need to do is take advantage of that opportunity.   

The question posed to Norv Turner should be succinct and direct.  Would you rather have a 1 or 2 yard gain having Teddy sprint toward the side line for a small positive gain or would you rather settle for having to throw the ball out of bounds?  The caveat to having the later option is that Teddy would also get to plant his feet for maybe a second or two, by just avoiding or side stepping the rush, for a throw down field where Teddy's feet would be located somewhere between the numbers.  In other words, having Teddy pretend in his head that this year is 2026 ... where he would no longer consider a sprint versus an opportunity at a down the field throw.  The answer ... if you're a betting man ... it that Norv would select the down field opportunity first and foremost.  Why?  Because that is what Hall of Fame quarterbacks have done throughout the ages.  

Hey, in time Teddy may even graduate to the next level ... known as the "Tarkenton Effect".  This is where Teddy not only side steps the rush but he in fact reverses the direction of the original side stepping motion running in the opposite direction.  Of course this is counter intuitive but Sir Francis clearly understood that defenders where not only chasing an elusive quarterback carrying hundreds of extra pounds on their frame ... these defensive lineman were also being chased by offensive lineman that were about to light them up when they were forced to reverse direction.  This simple maneuver made Fran Tarkenton one of the most hated quarterbacks to have ever played the game.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 5, 2016