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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

MVP Peterson
If you're looking for 3-letters to apply to your name ... How about LOB Peterson?  When asked if AD "looked back" at some "Before-and-After" films of what became a very successful Tiki Barber ... he simply brushed off the notion, as if to say... hey, I'm AD ... I don't need to look at any films.  I don't need to learn nothing.  While the league looks at you and laughs ... hey, watch this kid try to reinvent the wheel again ... can you say ... strip!  AD, just in case you might be wondering ... it took Tiki almost 1/2 of his career before he finally smelled the coffee.  Imagine what Tiki's career numbers might of been. 

Let me tell you dude, directly and quite succinctly ... you must be surrounded by yes men that will say yes to anything that you say or do, and that my friend puts you directly into the danger zone ... now that's something to talk to your father about.  If it were me, I would of told that reporter in earnest that I tried to get Tiki on the phone and he wouldn't divulge any Giants trade secrets ... in other words ... man I tried everything that I know to hang onto that rock or I'll watch anything that will give me that edge!  Give me those he magic bag of beans!  Trying to hide your struggle fools no one.  Trying to hide your anguish is like trying to put a band-aid on a stuck pig.  

The most important words ever uttered to me, was in response to a simple question, "How's business?"  Instead of saying everything was fine, I was to directed to outwardly admit, "I'm living from hand to mouth".  Only then did my life change from hell to easy street.         

I'm not sure who was the first to say this, but whomever it was, he should be immortalized ... the celluloid doesn't lie.  If it is too painful to watch and critique your own shortcomings then maybe you'd be better served to watch a Robert Smith or a Tiki Barber mature ... right before your eyes.  Get those yes men off their hind-quarters and get them to hustle up some film for you.  If it were me ... I would of "Duct-Taped" your arm & ball exactly where I wanted it pressed up against your body and left it that way until you were ripe.  All kidding aside, you really don't need to carry the ball around all day ... what you need to do is to quietly listen to those hurtful whispers, the jeers and the chiding of "LOB" ... sure, it will never come from your team mates ... at least not in earnest, as they have to much respect and awe for your talents and abilities ... but these hushed tones are proliferating throughout the league and are all there, just the same.   The rest of the league however, is laughing all the way to the bank ... these vultures are counting on you ... on what you may think.    

Adrian, if you really want to know what it takes to be the league MVP, you need to look no further than yesterdays blitzing linebacker that somehow skirted Tahi.  Right there was your opportunity to jack-up that dude.  Instead, your quarterback was laying on the ground.  That is not the trade mark of an MVP player.  Just have that linebacker try that move on Sweetness and I can guarantee you that Walter Payton would have laid some serious wood on that dude.  Only you, have the power within you, to put an end to any interior threats of a Jim Johnson's defense.  Even the great Gale Sayers understood ... you never run into Butkus's hole.  Respect = MVP.~  

One day, every one of your team mates, as well as every coach, and every fan is going to relish the thought of correcting any notion of LOB Peterson by proudly announcing in clear tones, your mean "HnT" Peterson ... the former referring to carrying the ball ... "High and Tight" ... and for the uninitiated LOB is in reference to carrying the ball like a Loaf Of Bread ... and let me be the first to tell you, that "HnT" will be one of your most prized and treasured trademarks that you'll be allowed to carry into the hall of fame ... if so blessed.  The eyes of the league will be watching!      

The greatest blessing of all yesterday, was when Peterson gave up the rock, as his hind quarters found their way to the bench.  On walks my man Chester and the momentum immediately changed.  It wasn't Chester necessarily that changed the momentum ... it was rather what Chester represented.  Chester has done this every time he's walked onto the field and somehow we've missed this point of emphasis.  With AD on the bench, the defense was immediately stripped of its ability of its immediate offensive read.  The Vikings were forced into establishing its other offensive threats early, which come to find out, are numerous indeed.  Implanting numerous threats early causes the thought process of defenders to overload.  How is it that our offensive minds don't understand that its harder to have to defend against the threat of a Taylor, Shianco, Berrian, Wade, Rice, or even a Kleinsasser than it is to establish only one threat for virtually no gain.  The earlier these threats are established ... the better.  Peterson is not a decoy ... he's the leagues ultimate threat ... and that my friend will always leave a void ... a weakness that will exist in every defense that walks upon that field.  When you push a pawn ... you always weaken a square ... thereby leaving a void behind.    

Let me see.  Are you saying that this kid TJack is too stupid to exploit these weaknesses?  Are you saying that our coaches are too stupid to generate the voids?  Are you saying that any one of those players, that I previously mentioned, are not talented enough and capable enough to perform in this league ... to be what they were born to be?  Hey ... you never know ... they just might surprise you!            

Your best bet would be to get your entire crew together and tell them that every league rule has now changed.  From the very first kick, we will be forced to spot the other team by 28, and by the way, expect every flag to go against us.  Now deal with that.  My role has now changed ... I'm here to pen up energy ... Peterson's energy ... and sit on it until I'm good and ready to unleash it.  If you don't like it ... tough!  That's right ... I've taken away your crutch!  If you truly want that ring for your boys ... give them the opportunities.   

Recently, someone took the time to argue why the "Kapp-like-Gus" should start for the Vikings.  While Gus has proven to be a true warrior, what the author of that argument may have never considered is that his arguments were the very things that a defense would count on to defeat the team.  TJack represents something very wonderful ... a completely unexplored, unknown and unpredictable quantity.  It is his unharnessed volatility that poses the greatest risk ... or should I say ... the greatest benefit.  It is this particular element, that history may soon forget, that may finally open that door.  Patience!

Watching this kid mature before our eyes has been a blessing, however TJack ... you've got to slide ... you have to avoid that contact when you can.  Too many people are dependent upon you.  You've got to live for that next play.  Look deeply into the phrase Hall of Fame "Pocket Passers" and understand how that has now evolved.   Most didn't have the ability to run and had no choice but to stand within the pocket.  Today, your greatest asset just may be 3-steps to the right or left, just outside of the tackle box,  followed by chucking it out of bounds ... something many of those Hall of Famer's never had.  Ask any one of those prototypical Hall of Fame Pocket Passers if they were prototypical anything.  The reality is that it will always be someone else that they were compared to, and now with which we now compare.  There is no shame in using the tools that have been granted to every NFL quarterback.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Monday, December 29, 2008

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