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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Long Snapper 
Jared ... you might need to put off your dreams of getting into the hall of fame for about 5 years.  Our long snapper McDermott dislocated his shoulder on Sunday & we need someone to fill his role for possibly a couple weeks.  Bye the way ... do you think you might have anything left in the tank to get maybe 137 & beyond.  Just kidding ... not!  After all, you retired in 2016 & nobody really believed that horse thing ... although that was a nice touch.  By the way, if we do make a long playoff run ... there might be a little hardware in it for you.  All it takes is 3 games.  After all, there won't be much money in it ... just a possibility at a chance to snag some glory with some old mates.  Yeah, your couch will miss you but it's only for a couple weeks.  Do you think there might be an opening on your schedule?  Could Jared be the latest part of our 2017 order of appearance?  Wow!  .           

After all ... stranger things have happened.  Why?  Because you are what your are ... a back up long snapper.  It really doesn't matter if it is 2009 or 2017 ... you are what you've trained to be.  Yeah!  It's almost unfair to the rest of the league but you do what you've got to do.  

Sure, you may not be in shape but exactly how much do you have to do initially other than long snap.  Sure, someone is going to need to take McDermott's place on his other special teams assignments but maybe that's a good thing.  

After all ... stranger things have happened.  I know ... you never thought they'd ever call you again & everyone forgot that you were the backup long snapper in Minnesota for years.  Everyone thought your days were over but ... not so fast ... little whipper snapper.  Jared ... pick up your phone ... it may be the greatest opportunity of your life ... right up there with Brett Favre's corporate jet.    

Sirles is designed to back up your recently thin tackles.  To run the ball the key is Isidora ...  it doesn't make sense but look at the numbers when he's in there versus when he's not.  After everything he's done, you'd be hard pressed to tell me that Rashod Hill isn't your starting right tackle for years to come.  Sure they're all a bunch of knuckleheads but this ain't baseball.  It's bag skate at 6 am (plural female genitalia slang).  Sirles isn't cutting it in the ever so important run game ... as it is playoff time.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 26, 2017