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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Jay Cutler 
Before anyone calls Jay Cutler sniveling or whiny, they should take the time to get their facts straight.  Could this be another feeble attempt to spin reality.  Jay was the one that had the rug ripped out from under his feet by his new head coach.  Every great quarterback has an ego as part of his performance package, and this ego wasn't stroked, coddled, or even nurtured.  It was grappled ... ripping the heart out of a true competitor.  

Once again, the finger of blame should point to none other than the Boston Patriots franchise.  In dealing Matt Cassel to the chiefs for a paltry 2nd round draft pick and immediate cap coin for the 2009 season, they ultimately thumbed their nose once again at the entire league by banishing Cassel to a rebuilding program.  This is not a slight on the Chiefs, as they benefited big time on this deal, which should pay off handsomely in the not to distant future.  

However, the writers not recognizing the fact that the Boston Patriots organization took the time and effort to attempt to actually destroy, or at the very least, to set another AFC franchise (the Bronco's) back years in the process is beyond reason.  So your thinking that the Patriots were the nice guys in giving up their coach to the Bronco's ... yeah right, well if it looks like dung, and smells like dung, then it is dung.  Didn't Glen Close teach us that to destroy another woman, you need to aim for the heart.  Well if this wasn't a heart shot courtesy of the Boston Patriots ... then I'm a monkeys uncle.

As for Cutler in Denver ... well that's a no win situation for Jay.  At the very first sign of trouble, you'd hear that Jay's heart wasn't in it.  In short, he's now on the short list for everything that will most certainly go wrong in Denver, and that is the worst possible situation for any soul period.  

Should the Vikings go after Cutler.  Well, the answer is that they already did and the Boston Patriots soiled all over that plan.  Fortunately for us, we were not burned like the Bronco's in dealing the beaners.  If the Vikings are truly intent on its goals then the response is to secure the best players they can ... within reason.  It's the later that must be tempered.  As for Cutler ... he's a prize that will fall to someone.  The new venue is a certainty.  

The advantages to the Broncos, other than their potential compensation in any trade, in regard to the Vikings is that they are in the NFC.  In other words, as the schedule is now created, they'd rarely see the Bronco's in a revenge match with Cutler.  In other words, Cutler in New York with the Jets will not help the Bronco's cause.  Maybe the most important factor of all is that the Patriots expect to be apart of the final dance in 2009, where the Vikings are now in the best position to exact a pound of flesh from the scum bag Boston Patriots.  

As for Chilly, and a quarterback dilemma.  Well the answer is always the same.  Either your show it on the field or you don't.  The very best will always play and everything has a way of working itself out.  Even if the door closes for one of our aces ... another door is always certain to open.        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: April 2, 2009

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