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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

It's a Shame 
It's really a shame.  It's February 4, 2018 & we've only been considered as participants in this thing for what ... maybe two (2) weeks.  It's a darn shame.

As players & coaches we are guarded but are made to answer questions ... but they are never the right questions.  Of course, there is no such thing as a stupid question ... although I've seen my share of let's say questionable questions ... the questions tend to stray from the point.

Allow me to explain.  

Every commentator on the planet expects Ben Worthless Berger to have a credible shot at making the show.  You could say that the masses tend to think that the "Almost G.O.A.T." might get another chance to cheat his way back onto the stage, but they're missing the point.  Of course, I say almost because as I recall, he lost two to Peyton's little brother whereas Joe Montana's record in the show was flawless.  The same could be said for Bradshaw but comparing him to the likes of Montana is like comparing a "Model T" to an unstoppable Jag.  The point being is that everyone expects the Cowboys or the Eagles or the Rams or the Seahawks or the Redskins to get to the show and the same could be said of the Steelers, Patriots & Chiefs on the other side.

So you might be thinking, "What's your point?"

The point is in regard to perspective.  If you're destined to be in the show on February 4, 2018 ... then you're already there and have been since opening day.  No commentator in the world can put you there ... only you can put you there.   

Just consider some of these questions:
1. Do you have any idea how hard it's going to be to get to the twin cities this coming February 4th?  Yeah, UHHH!  We call the twin cities our home.  I live here, so it won't be that difficult to get to this stadium but I've got to admit that I expect the old man to be a bear that week ... but really ... he's relentless every week.  So I'm a good place with that.  

2. Don't you realize that championships are built on defense?  Uhhh!  Yeah ... we've got the best defense.

3. Don't you know that to get through to the pinnacle of success that you need a Franchise Quarterback?  Well yeah.  Case Keenum has been our backup for some time now & let me tell you he's turning some heads cause each week he's looking more & more like a franchise quarterback every day ... but that's not the point.  We believe that we have two (2), what will be proven to be franchise quarterbacks but both are broken left knees at this juncture.  We also have an unproven franchise quarterback that's just an injury away from making the entire NFL looking like idiots.  Let me tell you that the Denver Broncos made a huge mistake that they are paying for in spades now.  Our only problem at this point is that we haven't a clue how this is all going to play out ... but that's why they call it entertainment ... because maybe you noticed ... that the buzz is in this town ... and that buzz is only going to get louder.  

4. Do you have any idea how hard it's going to be to play in that glass lined bird cage up in Minneapolis come February 4, 2018?  Yes ... we know exactly how hard it is.  In fact you could say that no one knows how difficult that it is better than this franchise.   

5. Don't you know that A. A. Ron is the greatest quarterback in the NFL?   Yes, we've gone up against that remarkable talent twice per year for several years now ... but something is telling us that that may not be a problem for us as we move forward toward our destiny.

6. Don't you know that only invited guests make it to the big show?  Yeah!  That happened to us back in 98 & 75 ... but we're not going to let that happen to this franchise again because something tells me that only true Viking hearts will be in key positions when that time comes.  We aren't going to get sold down the road for 30 pieces of silver any more.  The "lie detectors" are operating at full capacity & there's no "blind-eyes-to-it" any more.    

7. Don't you know that you need to both run the ball & be able to stop the run to be able to win on the road?  Yeah!  We're learning how to run the ball now & as for stopping the run ... well ... some might say we ain't never been better.  

8. Don't you know that a great big part of this team has been assembled by "cast offs" & components with broken parts?  Yeah!  Isn't it wonderful.  Every week it's like a new country is being heard from.   I know its a cliche but "One mans junk is another mans treasure".

9. Don't you know that this franchise is the most snake bitten franchise of all 32 teams?  Well historically, what you're saying is absolutely correct but there are two obvious responses to that statement.  There are two kinds of luck ... bad & good.  Maybe it's time for some good things to happen around here for a change.  The second, of course, is that if our history had nothing to do with luck, then it had everything to do with us not paying attention to the details that truly mattered.  We plan to have the right person at the helm when the "big it" comes due.  We aren't investing in what someone might say any more ... we are investing is what they will do when that time comes ... with true Viking hearts.  

10. Don't you realize that there are super stars all over the league that can beat you over the top?  Try us ... because you have less time than you thing & we are going to fight you for every ball?

11. Don't you realize that your franchise really doesn't have any Super Star talent?  How are you going to compete against the big boys?  Yup!  We know it.  We are just a bunch of blue collar lunch pail type guys.  We've decided to sacrifice a bit of talent for a team approach of guys that just want the opportunity to fulfil a small role on this team.  The only problem is that little stuff ... it can be overwhelming at times.  It's always got my butt in that sling.  

12. What about Tom Brady?  Well, to be direct, we've created a method to detect when he & Belichick are cheating.  It happens just after the zebra blows the whistle.  Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  Really, it doesn't matter if its the Chiefs, the Patriots, or the Steelers, or whomever.  We'll be ready. 

Now, do any of these questions sound anywhere near or like the entire worlds perspective in regard to how they view this Minnesota Viking's franchise.? All they see is that A. A. Ron is down for the count ... a lost division ... and that's about it.   Hey, I wear glasses.  Maybe you might be so kind as to help them see that great Viking ship as it navigates with almost pure perfection upon the seas of never ending turmoil.  Work hard in London ... maybe even have a bit of fun.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 24, 2017