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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Homework Assignment - What do the following images represent?
If you count yourself as one of the truly fortunate to be able to strap on those Minnesota Viking horns these days, before you step onto and take the field in lowly "Poke-land", you would be well served to fully understand the misfortune represented in these images.  

What I didn't know was that I was poor.  I had never seen these images until just a few short years ago.  You see ... I didn't have the wherewithal to collect sports cards.  In fact, as a favor, I begged and borrowed these riveting images from that same close friend.  When I saw these for the first time, I thought to myself ... there are simply no words.  Could it be that these simple images are worth thousands of words?     

Today I can spot a Viking heart pumping the royal purple blood from a great distance.  Most are now middle aged.  Some of them are overweight, like myself.  Some are hard drinkers.  Some are as close to the insane as a cracker can get to the cheese.  Many are brilliant.  Some are not ... but to a man, or a woman, they'll never forget December 28th, 1975.  

This event, in our history, is like a ghost, or a shadow that follows us.  The tale has been re-written and is false.  We have no choice but to carry it like a badge of honor each and every day.  To forget the injustice would be equivalent to holding ones manhood cheap.  Not one of us wishes to remember the event ... but it has inflicted a life-times worth of mental torture.  The cauldron boils upon the simple mention of "the words (the play)", the images, and just by seeing these retired players.  

A theft has occurred and today we all sit in vigil!    




The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.20.07

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