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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Home Field Advantage
On the very first day of My Viking Blood's publishing, the HOME REPLAY ADVANTAGE (article #2) was exposed for what it was.  The field has never been the same for both teams.  Just as the Steelers grounds keeper magically iced the field from just outside the hash marks to the sidelines before a 70's playoff tilt versus the Raider's, the NFL has never resolved these never ending reoccurring bureaucratic issues.  It's much much more than crowd noise and raving fans that the away team are made to face week after week.  It's a bureaucratic uncontrolled unseen force that wields power at its will, making the league, it's commissioner and it's owners ... it's puppet.  Yes, this one-man loop hole can smash this league at its core to bend to his will and change history ... as the puppet master sees fit.  Billions of dollars teetering upon the smirking will of one.        
Back on that frigid playoff day, Head Coach John Madden fumed directly to the late commissioner Pete Rozelle, where Pete responded by saying, "The field is the same for both teams".  John exclaimed vehemently, "The Raider's are a (long ball) pass oriented team that works between the hash marks and the sidelines whereas the Steelers are a running team, pounding the ball up the center of the field.  Our teams will be forced to play on the ice where the Steelers will get to play their game with their feet under them in the dirt.  It's not the same Pete!"  Guess which team won that day.  Translation ... the most powerful man in NFL football ... it's commissioner ... was stripped ... and became the puppet to the smirking puppet master.  Hey, it's only a meaningless Super Bowl trophy ... right, John Madden!!! 
I know, I know ... at least they don't allow work release prisoners to operate snow plows on NFL fields anymore.  Oh!  Now I'm in my comfort zone.   

Now we find Leslie Frazier trying to explain why he didn't throw a challenge flag based upon an unexplained very late replay.  TEE HEE!  TEE HEE!  Unless his coaches get to see special footage, what I saw was the first replay while the Vikings were in the final stages of assembling their formation at the line of scrimmage to prepare for the snap.  TEE HEE!  TEE HEE!  Of course, if the situation was reversed, and it were the Falcon's possibly getting into the end zone, the replay would of been immediate, they would of even rolled the beer commercials, and plenty of time would have been given to the home team coaching staff to throw that challenge flag.  Statistics just don't lie!

Has this problem been fixed?  In one way it has ... Thank God ... in that all touchdowns are now reviewed before the dead ball kick, however the home field advantage has never been fixed.  Here's the problem in this case.  There was most certainly a line judge that saw Harvin's lunge that broke the plane however he never made the call.  Was that line judge over-ruled for some reason?  The gray area that's working a home field advantage is that they don't review the play unless a touchdown is called.
Hey, I'm the replay guy.  I don't like the Vikings or the Cowboys or the Saints.  Guess what's going to happen when the team needs to see that replay.  Sorry dude, I just couldn't get it in time.  I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that these replay guys are regional.

It's time to stop this crap.  Here's an idea.  Any time the ball is 1 yard out, to the plane, the play clock stops and holds at 10 seconds until at least three different-angle replayed views are offered up to the audience.  If after that, the away teams screws it up, at least they had a sporting chance.  

It time to put the replay booth back to work and it's also time to remove the power wielded within that replay booth.  There is nothing worse than an un-elected official that wields bureaucratic power.
The commissioner and the owners think that they are running this league.  No, it's the guy in the replay booth drinking a beer that's wields the power in this league.  Bureaucrats suck and they need to get their wings clipped.  This is no one time incident.

nce again, this will never be handled by the league until the Cowboys or the Patriots or the Steelers are victimized by this abuse.  If your franchise doesn't have a Super Bowl trophy, then once again you don't count.  You're my whippin' boy!
The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 29, 2011