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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Hello LA ... Ticket Punched ... CHECK MATE!
Pontius Pilot, Gov. Mark Dayton, is about to absolve himself by tossing your Minnesota Vikings into the abyss.  The referendum is the power hand.  If the Vikings stadium issue is resolved by referendum, you can kiss this franchise and all of its community benefits goodbye.  Why?  Because most people don't know that the powers of state congressional leaders are trumped by the direct voice of the people (a referendum).  Why?  Because state congressional leaders can only represent the voices that put them into power whereas the results of a referendum are the direct voice of the people.  Once the result is generated, the destruction it causes cannot be overturned by the state legislature.  The only way to remove the results of a referendum is to have a new referendum to remove the original referendum.  The bottom line is that if a referendum happens, the Vikings will have punched its exit ticket from the state of Minnesota.  The power of the referendum will also sway the blessing of the other 31 franchises.  Goodbye Vikes!  

Why am I so sure of the results of this proposed referendum?  Because when a man or woman has the choice between working for it or voting for it ... they'll vote for it every time.  No democracy (one man ... one vote) has ever succeeded ... ever!  So with this referendum you can put your head between your legs and kiss the flab and your beloved Vikings goodbye.  Now you might begin to understand that this is the United States of America.  We are not a democracy ... we are a republic.

So you might be asking, "What's the difference between a democracy and a republic?"  In a republic we assign political power to our leaders so that they can make the tough decisions for its citizens.  We assign this power with a document of negative privileges that prevents these leaders from oppressing its people.  That document is known as the Constitution.   

Now let's take a deeper look at referendums.  Approximately 90% of California's state budget is controlled under referendums.  In other words, California's spending, which is completely out of control, is for all intent out of the control of their legislative leaders, which means 49 other states will be made to pay for California's folly.  A California bailout is not conjecture ... it's guaranteed!  It's already under way and it's being done right under your nose.  

In California, the tears of parents and grandparents grow by the day.  Why?  Because of a referendum that allows existing homeowners taxes to remain constant, however all new homeowners are made to absorb all the new and never ending additional tax burdens.  It's like taking your neighborhood out to dinner and sticking your kid with the bill.  In short, the next generation of children will have little hope in being able to afford housing ... Ever!  No problem, the kids will just leave the state and with it all its future brain power.  Hey, we don't need a future tax base in California.  Again, due to the referendum the legislature cannot overturn this and are powerless to stop this madness.

A referendum is like allowing your child to stick it's hand into a blast furnace.  It might sound like a good idea at first but we all know the result.  Just because you had an idea doesn't mean that it was a good one.  Hello!

In the private sector we have a saying that goes something like this, "Last one out ... turn out the lights".  Unfortunately pinhead government officials don't seem to understand this.     

Mr. Wilf, if I were you, I'd back this referendum plan with all your might because it will most certainly punch your exit ticket from Minnesota and you'll never have to work with the spineless so called legislative leaders of the state of Minnesota, and it's governor ... ever again.  In understanding your initial rejection of this plan, it tells me that you are a man of heart that actually cares for this region and its history.  If anything, maybe the people of Minnesota will finally realize this and will begin to stand up and be counted.       

As for the legislature of Minnesota and its governor understand that you were put in power to make hard decisions.  You were put in place to protect the interests of the state not to gut the state at its core.  Don't believe me ... you have to look no further than what transpired within Cleveland, OH.  That was the ugliest ordeal in the history of the NFL ... a chicken without it's head.  The Minnesota Vikings are an instrumental investment into your community ensuring Minnesota's future growth.  Hey pin head!  It takes money to make money.  A far cry from the money you trash every day that produces absolutely nothing.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 30, 2011

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