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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Helen of Troy
The entirety that is the Viking organization finds itself asking many questions in regard to our future.  One might look to the past to understand where we find ourselves today.  You need to look no further than the epic tale that surrounds Helen of Troy.

For years his wife has pleaded with him to end this drama for all time.  Too often she found herself having to pick up the pieces ... reassembling the remnant of a man ... behind the curtain that has been drawn.  What kind of person is it that had to continually yield to both grace and skill ... combined with indomitable youth.  If I extinguish his child-like soul ... do I distinguish the very man itself.  How could I do such a thing?  Apparently, just like moms throughout the world, they sacrafice themselves for something that can never be explained.  They are the rock!

Now remember ... it was over for all time.

Let's not forget, he turned down the money.  He turned down to opportunity to sit at the controls of what was destined to be an incredible machine.  It was a 10 year old child that launched the ships of countless millions of Americans that were eager for this adventure.  The war was on.  Unfortunately for all of us the final event was sullen for all time.  

Has anyone ever taken the time to recognize that this innocent little Helen of Troy changed the destiny of the NFL for all time.  Are we so jealous and blind to his justly earned compensation to not recognize that this man has a heart that granted what turned out to be a miracle for his daughter.  Are our hearts that hardened that have turned to stone?  Put it all in perspective, compare his 2009 incredibly insane play to someone that hasn't played a single down in the NFL.  Money motivates no one ... that is an absolute undeniable fact.  How dare you even question it ... it stirs Beserker Rage within my soul!  

Is there any doubt that this little one watched her father take the beating of a life time at the feet of the peering eyes of the Omnipotent one?  He carries the stain as he is no Pontius Pilot.  What could you offer this child as just compensation?  Let me tell you that I would not sacrifice my father for no one however, I'd also be the last one in line to prevent my father from practicing his trade ... his true secret mistress that could bring a smile to his face, that no one could understand, without ever cheating on the ones that he loved.  Yes, it is a dilemma ... but no one can squash that light without risking the destruction of what it is that defines his very soul.  Even a child can see that.    

Are we brazen enough to recognize that this will be her day in New Orleans on September 9, 2010?  You have no right to put such a thing in motion however absolutely nothing can stop this.  It is like trying to stop a Tsunami ... only futile in the attempt.  These are the grounds of her home.  Just a small token of gratitude to the innocents of a soul that propelled the imaginations of millions.   

Has the arrow found it's mark?  Was it Achilles' Last Stand?  Only the gods can wrest that fate.  

What was that saying again? What was that thing that heals all wounds? 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 5, 2010

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