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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Greenish Bile 
I'll never forget the quote of the 1976 Rookie of the Year ... Sammy White ... stated, as he came off the field.  Willie Brown had just picked off a Tarkenton Pass at the 10 yard line & returned it for a touch down ... punching his ticket to the Hall of Fame ... sealing our fate in Super Bowl XI.  White tried desperately to rally the troupes ... but he was forced to deal with something of which he had no understanding.  It was a deep seeded engrained look that told the story without ever having uttered a word.   

Drew Brees is once again facing that Steve Young moment ... where he's asking someone to metaphorically remove the monkey from his back.  In the 2018 season, the Ram's ended his bid.  The entire "Who Dat" nation pointed to a non-call pass interference that prevented their bid that year much like the end of our 1975 season where Drew Pearson pushed off on the Hail Mary after catching a 4th & 22 out of bounds. Then of course there is that 2017 season that ended in a miracle sending the Vikings to that NFC championship game.  Now we can now point to the Super Bowl hangover which was thought only applied to the Ram's but it is becoming quite clear that it may also apply to the Aint's.  

Why?  It is because the entire "Who Dat Nation" believes that the league owes them something ... like a bid to this years Super Bowl ... and that's just not how it happens.  

So on Sunday, you might think that the Aint's might be playing against their recent tormentors (These Minnesota Vikings), or you might think that they are playing against the zebras (which will be hand picked by the commissioner), but the reality is something very different.  It will be something that you cannot see, nor will it be something that you can put your finger on.  Either way, it will not work in the Aint's favor.   

If Drew Brees & company have that miracle game ... overcoming the hump ... for them, the game will have been played too soon.  Said another way, the Minneapolis Miracle happened one game too soon.  On the other hand, the curse may be very strong ... way way to powerful to overcome as it will show its ugly head for all to see.  Overcoming that unseen force will be like trying to pull your leg out of quick sand by standing in quick sand with the other leg.   

On the other hand, for the Vikings, they will be facing the NFC's strongest most powerful foe in the first round of the 2019 playoffs with the players that are both well rested & with their freshest legs in some time.  Although premature at this point, defeating the Aint's would be followed by a trip to San Francisco, & that 55 degree weather, followed by a 3-set rematch amongst the frozen tundra.  Let me tell you that no one wants that but as they said in the Movie Major League ... welcome to the crap burger ... now let's all take a bight.

How did Madden used to say it ... it's awfully tough to beat the same team 3 times in the same year.  Do you think this Vikings franchise ... you know that sissy bunch from that Viking Long Ship=-like inside venue ... is afraid of the big bad A. A. Ron & his crew ... but this time we might be sporting a two headed monster of our own?   Is revenge truly sweet?  

Mr. Viking ... you're the underdog.  No one expects you to win ... period.  Everyone will be picking the Aint's just like everyone picked the Pokes to win earlier in the year.  It's truly a funny thing when they say ... that's why they play the game.  Mr. Viking ... you also know what happens in a dome when it's not rocking for some certain reason.  Mr. Viking ... you might be thinking that your task is overwhelming however you might not know that you are both free & clear ... as you are not ... facing ... the entangling web caused by that Greenish Bile!!!!

Flying Under the Radar ....

Mr. Viking ... you may not have known Dennis Green but there is a rant that he uttered that became world famous.  It goes something like this.  "We let em off the hook ... "  Coach Green understood that Greenish Bile only too well ... and if he were standing next to you ... he'd be fighting every step with everything that he had ... as he would never let anyone off the hook.  The man was both a genius & as fierce a competitor as they come.  Now don't turn and look ... Mr. Viking ... as there is no need ... but Dennis never left your side.  He's right there ... can you feel him?  The look in his eye is unmistakable ... sort of like a Beserker Sneer.  His fight & the fight of many others has never ended.  It is once again ... one more opportunity to fight for it all.    

Pregnancy is like the lottery.  You've got to play to win.  Mr. Viking ... Do you have a ticket?  Maybe all that bile is payback for our lost season 2009 Championship?  One will never know.  The fight never ends ...  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 31, 2019