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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

There are numerous championships that are attached to the Elway's, Montana's, Aikmen's, etc., but they all had one thing in common ... not so long ago, they were all once seeking that championship instead of standing behind one.  What people tend to forget is that there are many non-stellar names on that list that have also won that championship ... Doug Williams, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, etc.  What is common to every one of those names is one undeniable fact ... they had THE TEAM.      

We Viking fans are here to serve notice.  We are sick to death with the ad nauseum dribble about (just) getting back to the playoffs, as if this was some sort of profound statement.  Although it is true that to win the Super Bowl, you need to qualify for the commissioners tournament, we die hard Viking fans aren't interested in just making the playoffs and let me tell you exactly what you can do with that frilly little statement of yours.  Our ravenous focus is on the ultimate prize.  It is the same dream that I've carried for well over 40 years.

It is now beyond 30 years since our 76' team clashed with another team that was also monikered the bridesmaid ... never the bride.  On that fateful day, in the crimson Rose Bowl light, one of those teams would be crowned champion.  Who would of thought, that day would be our last for well over three decades ... knowing our history, our pride ... our dominance.    

Now I think of these arrogant fans that openly, blissfully and boastfully root against our team with such fervor ... thinking to myself ... what's your problem ... at least your team has won a Super Bowl.  To you I say, just go check your fantasy stats, and pretend some where else.

"THE TEAM" lies within the biblical statement, "Am I my brother's keeper?"   If you haven't figured that question out, the answer is unequivocally ... yes, I am my brother keeper.  Duty, Honor, Corps ... means that I've got your back and I shall not waiver.  Bye the way ... words mean nothing and respect can't be bought!

When some pin head states that T-Jack has somehow become our savior, or that we can't go deep in the tournament because the kid has no playoff experience, or that it all rests upon the kids shoulders, we true Viking fans are hear to tell you that these statements are all allot of bilge doesn't matter a lick.  All that matters lies within the word ... "Art"!

By the way, great corner play stems from great defensive line play.  In the 2007 Pro-Bowl, both Williams demonstrated incredible beyond dominant line play.  The prime reason that we were last versus the pass the past two years is directly attributable to a quarterback having the time to be able to set up and throw it time and again, which will leave any Pro-Bowl caliber corner exposed.  The combination of the loss of James combined with a bit of stupidity and immaturity, which resulted in our commissioners timely four week suspension ... it resulted in the fork of our 2007 season.  Without pressure from our ends, they are going to be able to chuck it against us all day.  Also, let's not forget that without Toine', teams could pound the rock against us.  

The kid has a special gift that is still evolving.  In our final tilt, the kid scored twice with his legs, opening up a whole new can of whoop that hasn't been seen since the days or Tark.  

The gift can be obscured by arrogance, greed, and self accepted and self imposed obstacles.  Each time you display any of these traits ... your mates will turn.  The hall of fame is littered with the broad stroke of artistic creativity.  How many times has Brett Farve, Fran Tarkenton, Rodger Stauback or John Elway created a masterpiece from a broken play or from reading beyond the nuances of the game.  In their minds, they let the other guy worry about MANAGING THE GAME.  The true greats found a way to tip the field to their favor with one undeniable common element ... confidence that never wavered in times of crisis.  This kid has it.  The coach will prepare you for how it's supposed to be done ... but the only thing that counts is that it gets done some how and some way and that your mistakes don't hurt the team by pressing a bad situation.  Just like standing in the batters box ... the ultimate arena for public speaking ... what a coach demands is the ability to think on ones feet.  If you don't have it ... you're gone.    Each time you demonstrate your artistic approach to the game ... your mates will find a way to chip in well beyond what they think they have to give.                  

Chilly, we all know that your pondering a Brett Farve-Viking combo.  Open your eyes man.  Brett is not going on our wall of fame ... and the 2007 playoffs inked a large check for very bad playoff game for a man that's worn out his welcome in Green Bay.  You are only allowed to soil the carpet once.  Unequivocally, picking up Brett will set us back 10 years and he'll be sure to destroy and desecrate our pending window of opportunity that lies before us.  Bret's folly is there just to rub our noses in it, over and over, during his hard earned retirement.  Chilly ... read between the lines.     

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: July 12, 2008

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