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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Future Past
Its sometime into the future where teddy is being forced to reflect back on his NFL career, and that key question arrives at his doorstep.  It's then that we reflect back upon Dan Marino's career by comparison to Teddy's timeline up to that juncture. Dan was so young ... with so much career in front of him ... when he faced the mind of Bill Walsh and what proved to be ... the unbeatable Joe Montana. It would be Marino's one and only opportunity at winning it all for the Dolphins. Not that it applied directly to Teddy's career, but it brings us to Teddy's state of mind, as he began his recovery from his horrific untouched injury.

actly how did you feel seeing this franchise taking what could have been your one and only opportunity of winning it all for this franchise in that 2016 season". "Well, as you can imagine, it hurt immensely, as up to that instant in time, this team had been assembled into a well oiled machine ... where my last three passes ... my 3 pass TD drive, indicated a new level of personal achievement, that indicated a floodgate of NFL lore that was about to happen.  In what seemed like an instant later, my dreams where dismantled before everyone's eyes.  It was beyond hard."

ut looking back on it all now, it became quite clear that it was never just about Teddy Bridgewater.  It never would be.  There were way to many that were willing to sacrifice for me so that statement could never ring true.  Would I be willing to re-experience it again ... of course not, but you can't take things like this back or just pretend like it didn't happen.  It was one of my life's lessons, some of which are unfair, but it all happens for a reason".

For example, the lessons of life's fragility, made me a stronger person.  It allowed me to appreciate each moment with more fervor.  It made me an instructor for those that posses a special gift, to teach the personal moments of life's transitions that make and break us.  For as you know a gift is meaningless until it is developed behind a strong personal character."

Sure it will always be hard to talk about however its a blessing to know that my personal sacrifice brought so much to so many people. Sure it would have been great to lead this franchise to its first championship, but again, it was never about me personally.  It was about my personal sacrifices ... my humility ... that allowed every part of this franchise to prosper.  At least that's how I've dealt with the pain of that unfortunate incident over these many years."

"I found a way to lead this team, as I was asked to do, even though I couldn't be on that field.  For the purpose of this article, I cant share with you how or what that was, but it was clear that there was a long shadow cast upon that field, based upon the sum of all its parts, where none of us were willing to disappoint any aspect of it.

At the time, there was 55 years of a sordid history that needed to be rectified. Somehow we found a way to make something very special happen.  If I became the focal point in the process, it was a small price to pay ... as it was never about Teddy Bridgewater ... it was about the sum of all its parts ... dating back to its inception.  Sure ... to this day it still hurts ... but again, it was never just about me ... and in that, I take a great deal of personal satisfaction.  It was a great thing to be a small part of that"

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 10, 2016