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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Fudgie Whine
Isn't it quite interesting.  The Packers have had an elite franchise quarterback leading their team since 1992.  That's essentially 26 years of having an elite advantage over 31 other franchises.  Now things are quite a bit different for the Fudge Packers ... having to now earn an honest living ... with a whole bunch of whining.  

Hasn't anybody been watching.  The Sea A-Hole Sea Cocks recorded six (6) sack on Rodgers in the first half of game 1.  Sure the Fudgies won the game but my first thought was that Rodgers was in mortal danger with only the commissioner to protect his sorry hind quarters.  

Of course, the failure to protect A. A. Ron needs now to be placed at the feet of Mike Zimmer & Anthony Barr for a dirty hit.  I guess they couldn't see the pounding that Sam Bradford took throughout the 2015 season having an offensive line that look more like a bull fight with a red cape yelling Olay as the defenders passed them.

Then someone points out that this Minnesota Vikings franchise would be without it's starting quarterback (Bradford), it's #1 wide receiver (Diggs), it's #1 running back (Cook), it's starting safety (Sendejo) & left guard (Easton) ... while we got to pound the Fudge Packers into oblivion.

Now let's take a deep look into history.  Does anyone remember that New York/New Jersey viewing market while Lawrence Taylor destroyed quarterback after quarterback.  Back then it was football & it was OK to play like crazed dogs.  Then of course it was the 85 Bears that seemed to put 75% of every quarterback starter they faced out of commission week after week.  Of course, that was ok ... but now we need to protect fantasy owners ... wanting to put A. A. Ron into pumps & a frilly dress.  You people make me sick.

Screw the Fudgies ... as they are now forced to struggle on.  Screw the fantasy pin heads that know little about the team play of sport.

Now, I peer at the NFL power rankings, where of course the Cowboys are stationed in the middle of the pack.  Well that's ok knowing that the Cowboy defense could be used to strain your pasta because that's about all they can hold back.  Where Elliot gets a pass until the Cowboys season is for all purposes ... done.  Gee ... Did anyone notice that Adrian Peterson was the only person to be placed on the commissioner's special exempt list that made this franchise pay him for his unrealized services ... made to sit on the couch?  Is it true that some franchises count where others don't.  Why was Adrian Peterson the only person eligible for this distinction & why isn't Elliot sitting on his couch?      

Now, we wonder what is being considered pondering these present power ratings?  Maybe it's time to consider that this franchise is now sporting a Big-Boy defense that's intent on taking your toys away.  It's a nasty world out there & we are quite tired of having to pander to your whining ways.

Sure, we lost to the Eagles last year on their home turf but I wonder quite allot about that game considering the "what-if's".  What if Sendejo returned that early interception for a touchdown?  What if Clemens hadn't false started on the 1 yard line.  What if we hadn't given up a special teams touch down.  Then I ask the really big question, have the Eagles progressed as much as this Vikings squad.  By comparison the Packers, Lions & Bears blow the Redskins, Cowboys & Giant's out of the water, The Eagles are different, having a few more weapons, but not that much different whereas we now have a stout offensive line.  In other words, today the venue doesn't matter.  Now consider the weapons & the play of A. A. Ron versus that of Carson Wentz.  No ... not scared at all.  Sure the Eagles will get their share but what will time mean to the balance of power. 

Yesterday, there were two major mistakes made that were critical to the Packer effort.  The first was in regard to Jerrick McKinnon's fumble which jumped into Mathew's hands perfectly with him back to the bulk of the offense.  Talk about serendipity.  Sure it could happen to anyone except old Denis Green approach of course was always bench slivers for lack of concentration ... just ask Roberts Smith.  Then there is the more glaring issue of the use of Latavius Murray.  He's a big power back that needs to be available for the tough yards required to close out games as well as Red Zone goal line sniffing.  Murray has not developed his role on this offense where the coaching needs to correct itself immediately.  You have not allowed Murray to find & achieve his identity where opportunities to do so are now gone.  

The other turnover was on Keenum's tip ball to Michael Floyd.  A foot more into Floyd's route would have resulted in 6 points.  I can't help but think that with Bridgewater ... the blow out was on.

With Case Keenum ... I'm torn completely in two.  On one hand it's fun to watch his determination & grit on that grid iron but on the other hand, I can't help but feel that he's prepared to sell out this organization to the highest bidder.  When I'm at sea ... I'm at the helm unless I can trust someone else unequivocally where they better be at the level of my heart.  Brett Favre would never be at the helm of my ship because when he steered our ship onto the rocks he made every fudge packer love him even more.  I want a true Viking at the helm & if Teddy isn't ready to go then maybe the ball should be placed into Sloter's hands, as his history can be crafted in Viking history.  Maybe I'm wrong but can Keenum rise to the unquestioned devotion of a Joe Kapp or is he just a bookie away from gutting us like pigs.  Why would Case do this?  Well, if he knows that he's serviceable but not elite ... then you strike while the iron is hot.  It's that simple.  What is clear is that I can't take any more of this.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 17, 2017