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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

From 1 to 32
On the 35 yard line on the home team side, 8 rows in ... the pivot point was without question.  Sendejo just intercepted the ball inside at the Philly's 20 yard line & he powers it down to the 1 yard line.  He then jubilantly dances in the end zone & then disappears from the remainder of the contest with an ankle.  To that point the Vikings were power ranking #1 and the wave looked insurmountable.  I play later and we couldn't beat anyone.  From power ranking #1 to #32 in an instant.  The play that I'm referring to was T.J. Clemmings false start followed by disaster after disaster.    

Riley Reif; Left Tackle, Alex Boone; Left Guard, Nick Easton; Center, Jeremiah Sirles; Right Guard, Mike Remmers; Right Tackle.  Joe Berger is a more than capable starter but that isn't what this is about.  It's about maintaining continuity throughout the season where Berger will ensure just that and may extend his career.  This teams focus should be on starting its young bucks to obtain line continuity for the long haul.  Backing everything up until they earn their starting spot are Elflien, Iasdora and backing up the tackles Rashod Hill who performed very well in game 16 last year. If Beavers or Sheppard has the stuff it would have risen to the top by now.  Collins & Fragel are practice squad candidates. 

Isn't it odd.  The Vikings have paid dearly to be able to stretch the field paying what seemed like millions per catch for the likes of Barnyard Berrien to Wallace. et al, only to chase our own tail in the process.  Then Minnesota's own home town favorite Michael Floyd ... dirty baggage & all ... returns like the prodigal son with a heavily laced incentive based contract.  At this juncture, Floyd realizes that he's a walking chemistry set that is set to explode (just add alcohol) versus slowly resurrecting his stature as a man.  He's finally right minded and he has a couple big time Irish mates to shelter his stormy ride.  Don't buy into being the next Cris Carter as all you have to do is become Michael Floyd that you used to be.  Your primary focus should be to train Laquon Treadwell mindset into doubling Floyd's red zone threat.  Allow Diggs & Thielen to rule with Floyd between the 20's.  

As for when umlaut's will be able to grace that field ... someone has to become Mad Max, the German wildman.  To be direct, you will never be tough enough for Zimmer until you're chewing bones & spitting blood.  You've got the package ... you just don't have the mindset.  

Does Teddy's huge payday get delayed by 1 year.  It better as Peterson's surgery was for his long term benefit.  Teddy's a winner and that's all that matters when it comes to his pay day.  Don't be foolish.   

The Vikings will be under incredible pressure to sign Sam Bradford to a long term deal.  To this juncture, all that is indicated is that he's been well overpaid for his potential.  Before the Vikings lay out that contract Bradford has to prove that he's a winner which means that he not only has to take this team to the playoffs ... he has to win in the playoffs.  The Vikings hold the key over Sam Bradford with the threat of applying the Franchise Tag to hedge their bets on Bradford.  In Sam's defense he performed extremely well in very adverse conditions last year where it was clear his back was against the wall.  On the other hand, this organization has to change it's mind set from accepting whatever we are given into accepting championship caliber play.  That mind set has to be ingrained into it's leader.  If it were possible to combine Teddy with Sam Bradford skills ... the result would be Tom Brady.  Something is clearly missing from Sam Bradford's mind set as his pay to winning percentage it not conducive.  There must be a clear distinction from the Rams to the Vikings.  Finding a way to win over every adversity (coming from behind) must become Sam Bradford's calling card.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: May 13, 2017