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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Fear Factor
Free agency is a funny thing and so are coaches. Take for instance Mike Zimmer who knows exactly what he needs to do however, in the back of his mind he knows that all head coaches get fired ... just some sooner than others.  The ones that do get tossed sooner than later are the ones that make bad decisions (Christian Ponder).  In my opinion, failure comes from listening to the wrong people rather than to listen to one self.-

After the opening round of free agency one might think that we've solved our issues on the offensive line and at safety, especially securing a former #1 pick however we need to reel ourselves in a bit to understand that Mike Zimmer's moves we to solidify a weakness rather than to secure our future.  To do so, Mike Zimmer needs to complete his plan by inserting long term solutions into the mix and that can only come from building within the draft.  In other words, Mike Zimmer needs to get beyond the fear factor facing every coach and complete his plan

Today, we hear the shouts and screams telling this Vikings franchise to draft a wide receiver in the first round.  Mind you that we've been overpaying for receivers such as Barnyard Barrian and Mike Wallace, so that we can stretch the field, meanwhile Denver wins the Super Bowl with defense and a couple of sub standard quarterbacks.  Keep in mind that while Randy Moss filled the seats of the Metrodome, we didn't secure one championship season.  Said another way, having Randy Moss made thing a whole lot easier for Daunte Culpepper but overall it crippled his development far away from someone like Peyton Manning.

Sometimes free agency can be a rouge.  Of all the free agents maybe Boone at left guard maybe our only long term solution.  Paying Kalil in the 5th year of his deal is at best a stop gap reflex move.  He is going to want to continue being overpaid for his services and that is just not going to happen.  Both Loadholt and Sullivan have serious injury histories where neither can be counted on to return playing at an elite level.  It may happen and it may not.  Berger is not a long term solution due to his age.  T.J Clemmings became this lines scape goat where his future is ominous although I thought he did a decent job as a rookie that wasn't supposed to play.  Andre Smith played 7 years for the Bengals but he was beat out at right tackle so will he be a starter or needed depth? Mike Harris is much like Berger, in that they played very well but is he just a very valuable cog or a long term solution?  Either way, in our present draft position, there may not be a viable #1 offensive line pick available but it is clear that the Vikings need to find real value within the draft to develop long term solutions along our offensive line.      

As for our #1 pick, maybe it should be at safety and Karl Joseph might be the perfect compliment to Zimmers 2 lineback defensive set.  Here is the problem with drafting Joseph.  If Zimmer drafts another defender with his first pick there maybe effigies of him hanging throughout the land of purple.  They will be calling for his head but that's ok as it will be his decision to do so rather than someone else's decision.  Take heart all you idiots in draft land because you don't know if this is a ploy to drive you off someone the Viking's covet or if it is a message.  To put it all in perspective, I thought we were drafting a Notre Dame quarterback ... not Adrian Peterson ... so what do I know.
  It was in response to not having an elite quarterback dating back to Fran Tarkenton.  Maybe it is just a message to enable Mike Zimmer to get beyond the fear factor and maybe it's to prepare Rick Speilman to go down a road that will require a leap of faith.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: April 5, 2016