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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Emergency QB ... to Genius!
With the trading of Sage Rosenfels to the G'ants, it opens up the door to an opportunity that is truly unique.  If taken advantage of, it borders into the realm of genius.  On game day, each team is allowed to activate & dress 45 players plus 1.  The 46th player can dress as the 3rd emergency quarterback however that player cannot play in the game unless the #1 and #2 quarterback leave the contest.  In other words, when the emergency quarterback enters the contest, neither the #1 or #2 can return to the contest.    

Now consider the following scenario that to the best of my knowledge has never been tried.  By ranking T-Jack as the 3rd quarterback, it allows you to add Joe Webb to the active 45 player game day roster as the #2 quarterback, allowing for a very interesting & compelling development.  Raw, untested, head-swimming Joe Webb would then be available for some Favre-Webb pitch & catch as well as some wild cat offense whenever we put our minds to it to make is so.     

In the event of a true emergency situation, T-Jack could then fulfill the back-up role.  In other words, unless the man that can make the field tilt in his favor, or is that Favre, has to come out of a game, T-Jack isn't going to see the field anyway.  If Joe Webb was listed as the emergency quarterback, with Farve as #1 and T-Jack as #2, he wouldn't see the field anyway, so exactly what is the penalty in having to draw Joe Webb off the field with Mr. Lead in his Butt, in an emergency situation, to get T-Jack as the #3 on the field.  

In short, what would T-Jack care if he's listed as the #2 or #3 on the depth chart.  The designation is meaningless.  Regardless of how T-Jack might feel about any designation, his primary purpose is to help our team to succeed.   In short, they could play Webb anytime in anyway that they'd like as the #2 quarterback, whereas with T-Jack, the team would only play him to be the quarterback in an emergency situation.  

The obvious disadvantage is in activating T-Jack as the #3 quarterback, having to sit both the #1 and #2 for the remainder of that game, there is no reliable substitution remaining behind T-Jack.  Statistically speaking, why would you even care if this event occurs as that outcome is a virtual impossibility.  

Could we possibly be that smart ... that brazen!  Time will tell.  

"Now let me get this straight.  We play by the rules and you're going to give me one more incredible athlete to incorporate into my arsenal.  What's the downside?" ... Brett Favre.~{Conjecture}

You were warned ... there is no way to contain this!!!!-

Fortunately for us all, Chilly made TJack play bad enough in the pre-season to be down-graded to #3 to make it so ... without question.  Maybe we should be calling him Chilly-Einstein!  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 4, 2010

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