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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Before Believing the Hype 
Before you buy into the hype on how things are now different ... on how this Vikings team is better and that it should beat the Packers, keep one thing in mind.  Nothing has changed until you make it change.  Defensive lineman will still jump off sides ... because they are weak.

For Rodgers, beating the Vikings has become easy because he doesn't fear anything that you might do.  He knows that all he needs to do is hit the right key, here and there ... and the Vikings fall apart ... and get out of focus.  Then his smile begins and then it turns into laughter.  He's been laughing at you.

There is a false sense in regard to the urgency of this particular matter.  There is the concept that you really need to beat the Packers but just in case you don't ... everything will still be ok.  If you lose ... it won't.  Coaches get fired and quarterbacks get evaluated onto the trash heap.  The continuity of the Packers lives on and the Vikings become a disrupted mass once again.  Everything matters. 

Fear does not win games.  Command respect upon that field in everything that you do.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 31, 2015