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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Since facing the Patriots in 2006, the formula for beating the Vikings was to forget the run and to pass on every down.  Last year, we lost our premier defensive End Erasmus James in week 2 (no offense to our other defensive ends), our pass rushing suffered mightily.  It makes sense, have all 31 franchises attack the Vikings the same way, and over time, due to attrition, the Vikings will fold.   
It's times like these that I fondly think of Buddy Ryan, maybe the most brilliant defensive mind to have ever graced the NFL.  His concept was simple.  I'm going to bring one more defender than you can block.  It was called the 46-defense, and quarterbacks stood in line each week, with the chance to eat their teeth.  
The Falcon's were handed a message.  Apparently, the Lions did not get that message and their reward was a sore back and a concussion for Jon Kitna.  As I recall, J.T. received a greeting or two also.

Now, I expect Green Bay to come right at us with a spread wide open offensive with old #4 at the controls, awaiting and relishing his opportunity to rip us apart on his way to the hall of fame.  Well my friends, this should be taken in no other way than as a sign of disrespect. 

Buddy!  Buddy!  Don't fail me now! 

If Bret baby is going to disrespect me and my mates, then it's time to get physical.  Enough said!    

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 25, 2007

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