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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Death Watch
Death begins in an unmeasured moment.  It is generally measured at the time of death however in most cases, the process ... also known as the death watch ... begins in a whole different time frame.  The death watch has begun ... but the body is still alive?  The body is strong ... very strong ... we are not dieing?  All it takes is a timely misstep, a bad decision, an uncaring leader, an incompetent leader ... and now you face the pending morphine drip?

The documents are signed.  It protects the family from losing control over the patients wishes.  It states to use no extreme measures ... to revive life.  It rejects the use of a respirator ... because once begun, at this stage, you may be attached to it for the rest of your life.  Does anyone think that the commissioner hasn't signed this metaphorical document?  Did he commit himself to execute the plan?  Maybe you've seen it in all his outward love for this franchise?  No, we aren't the poster children for the league ... to be used as an example.  The Williams Wall harbored no malice outwardly shown in a championship game (what league office got to select those officials).

Oh yes, the league-owners vote will happen ... counting down the days.  The parade of intensive care ensues but the decision to treat, or not to treat, has been made.  It's time to move you out ... to hospice.  To pick up the sword (responsibility) to begin the fight takes courage & leadership which counters any political skill.  Men have to stand up and be counted.  Do you see this happening or are they being crushed under that political finger?  It's not as if this thing has endured two (2) owners.  There is no way 31 other owners can empathize with this franchises ownership group.  The call for partnership cash means nothing ... or does it?  In those ownership minds where does profit stack-up against sibling (ownership) warfare.

Do you find yourself asking, "I hope these politicians don't let this thing happen"?  What happens every time you ask yourself this question?  Yes, indeed, the death watch has begun ...  

The Minnesota Vikings are this regions #1 franchise.  Yes, there are other franchises however, for some unknown reason, not one of them can hold a candle to this franchise.  It is the NFL's #1 political chip ... a jeweled franchise.  Once removed, Cleveland did survive however it was like watching my grandmother of 86, wanting to die, to once again be reunited with her beloved husband of untold years.  It is an indescribable pain that goes well beyond the aches & pains of the aged.  As for the word region, Minnesota was the first regional NFL team.  How big is that region today?   With NFL ticket, the region has exploded well beyond the twin cities.   

Maybe you hadn't noticed but today there is a new stadium in Cleveland.  In other words, the stadium which was refused to what is now the Baltimore Ravens, somehow got built ... didn't it?  Maybe you hadn't noticed but all 30 franchises required a hefty payment to create a new franchise in
Cleveland.  31 owners required payment for the Houston Franchise.  So why build a new stadium in Minnesota when you can pay more than twice as much in the future to get it back?  In political speak ... this is why a screw drivers cost $350.  Hey, its only tax payers money.

Maybe the most painful and most humiliating of all, that 2,000 Super Bowl Championship is not a Cleveland Brown Championship.  It's a good thing that Cleveland has nailed down so many championships in the 50's.  It's not like Minnesota has lost franchises where championships were secured in other locations.           

It takes money to make money.  Regardless of what you might think, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  That free whatever cost somebody something.  What happened to the good old days when it was said, "Get a Job (Leech)"!  Absolutely, nothing in life is free.  How is it that people believe political lies year after year expecting a different result?  The lie in this case is quite simple,
"It shouldn't cost a dime to keep a franchise in this community".  We'll get to collect significant political enrichment in the form of taxes, for our coffers (general fund), year after year,     

So you think it doesn't affect you?  All of New Jersey's manufacturing is gone.  Who do you think has to pay the tax base?  Why are my taxes like what used to be a mortgage payment?  Why does Kentucky and Tennessee have open arms for corporations including Hershey, Caterpillar and Harley Davidson?  The answer is quite simple.

In the old days, politicians had attitude adjustments in the form of tar & feathers.  Maybe it's time for the old pot & bag back near the steps of the capital.  Rejecting a community investment of this magnitude is insane.  Here's the thing ... no one really realizes that the death watch has begun.  They think it is still some sort of game.  Why?

The Viking Ghost Writer
April 24, 2012