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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Chicago Bears didn't get beat last night ... they got crushed by Kaepernick & the 49ers.  Now they are facing an almost identical team in the Minnesota Vikings next Sunday where they will once again face being crushed under our heal and then will have to come back to the Mall of America Field two (2) weeks later to get crushed for a 3rd time in four weeks ... falling from their lofty perch in 1st place.  I say similar, in that Kaepernick is very similar in many ways to Joe Webb, where in time the best between them will be resolved.  Unfortunately, if your a Viking fan, you're going to have to endure the ineffective & erratic Christian Ponder that will once again struggle under the Bears defense.  Why? It is because he will never be an elite quarterback in this league.  To be an elite quarterback you have to have a combination of both talent & instinct.  Unfortunately, Sir Zygmunt has bought into the talent part where he's refused to act upon Ponder's lack of elite-level-instinct.  After his 20 starts ... there is little doubt that Ponder does not posses the elite level instinct.  Of this ... there is no question.
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So what does the above reveal?  Yes, you've seen those Jason Campbell numbers before ... they belong to our own Christian Ponder where Kaepernick's is clearly off the charts good.  Joe Webb is clearly capable of the same.  Doesn't the NFL deserves to revel within it's next champion?  

The entire league is going through a transition where our own Sir Zygmunt Wilf, the man calling the shots, make no mistake on that point, cannot see the evolving transition away from the past.  Last year it was Tebow & Cam Newton.  Tebow, being so dangerous to the league that he's been exiled to the New York Jets, somewhat analogous to our own Joe Webb.  What could Newton do with the Vikings defense?  It's almost unimaginable to consider.  The first ones through (these mental barriers of the past) have to pay a very heavy penalty because what real change does is threaten everyone in how they want to do business in this league.  Resistance to it will be overwhelming at times.  Even if it's dead and rotting ... they will still want to cling to it.  Never forget the plumbing rule where water will seek the path of least resistance.  At present, not one person is presenting Sir Zygmunt with any resistance whatsoever ... where he's making the greatest mistake of his life in regard to his chance at an indelible & historic moniker.  Change ... as you will recall ... is always difficult. 

At the very least Josh Freeman has a free hand in Tampa Bay.  The cutting edge foresight & mentality of Pete Carroll has placed Russel Wilson ahead of our own quarterback bust in Tarvaris Jackson & the highly overpaid Matt Flynn.  Sounds allot like our own Christian Ponder & his mystery binding contract.  Both Wilson & Josh Freeman now hold the tie breakers over the Vikings due to the complete instinctual incompetence of Christian Ponder, which may mean that to make it to the playoffs, we just may have to beat out both the Packers & the Bears.  Let us not forget the pasting that we took from RG3 and of course the overtime victory of the mobile  & efficient Andrew Luck.  All of these players represent the future of the NFL, where our own Sir Zygmunt Wilf is ready to ride the ineffective and erratic Christian Ponder to our collective proverbial graves ... never looking at what he's already accomplished ... a whole lot of nothing. 

When we look at Kaepernick, we see an up & coming quarterback with unique skills very similar to our own Joe Webb.  There is no question of that as you cannot put that Joe Webb genie back into the bottle.  In the future Kaepernick may become a top 5 quarterback within this league, which means long stability in San Francisco however that decision lies in the hands of the Dirt Patch.  Joe Webb could be a top 5 quarterback almost instantaneously but you'll never get to see it in Minnesota.  Sir Zygmunt would rather lose our opportunity at this years Super Bowl run rather than opening up that can of whoop-you-know-what upon the league.  The only question is ... WHY?    

As my son so eloquently reminded me just yesterday.  Who did the Vikings beat this year?  In our six victories of course you'd point to the 49ers' but now lump this in with Detroit twice, Jacksonville, Tennessee & Arizona (caught under it's current land slide) and what you get isn't that we control our own destiny ... at least not under the instinctually defective Christian Ponder.  On that day that your clinging to, the 49ers maybe have had a bad day, or they looked past a Viking defense that played one heck of a game.  Put another way, as tie breakers go, we lost our advantage over the 49ers with their recent tie with the Rams where we now find ourselves behind the Bears, Packers, Seahawks & the Bucs.  Does that sound like elite quarterback play?    

What most seem not to understand is that each week, each team is getting weaker by the moment except for one.  Can you guess which team that is?  Even Mr. Cook is patiently waiting in the wings for his return.  The key question is, are we winning because of Christian Ponder or are we winning in spite of Christian Ponder?  In general, people don't hate the man ... they just hate the politics that put him into power that he clearly doesn't deserve.  For once ... just once ... what we want is the truth and a free hand to explore Joe Webb on a championship quest..

What is certain, at this juncture, is that the "End Game" on this Minnesota Viking championship season is quickly coming to a head.  If you believe in both prayer & hope then you should be directing your energy toward Sir Zygmunt where he finally pulls Ponder after his first half debacle in Chicago, in ultimate disgust, to save our championship season.  

It is time for Sir Zygmunt to make his final historic move.  To finally grasp a hold of the leadership reins and release his surrogates onto doing the job at hand, without restriction.  The Ponder kaleidoscope is nothing more than an illusion. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 20, 2012