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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Coin ... and a Name!
Exactly what is the purpose of repeating Joe Blow's name ad nauseam ... followed by the value of his contract or how much he makes ... and how much guaranteed money he's entitled to.  You might not realize why you squirm or get that uneasy feeling about such statements ... or God forbid, feel the need to reach for a beer ... so allow me to paint you a picture.  For the number of times that these statements are published in a Viking related article, or it's restated by a league commentator ... it is as if there is some sort of conspiracy afoot.    

It wasn't so long ago, when I was sitting in a graduate level Theory of Exchange class ... where the topic moved to "Sunk Costs" (assets).  For example, if you bought a piece of machinery, regardless of whether it makes you dime or not, or whether it ever works, or if it enables the most profitable sector of your business ... the amount invested in that asset is Sunk and is generally not recoverable.  Yes it can be resold, but imagine trying to recoup the value of a new piece of machinery because it doesn't work.  A player is an asset ... and that players contract ... should be treated in the same manner as any other asset ... excluding incentives and stipulations.  

So once again ... what is the purpose of repeating a players name followed by the details of his contract ad nauseam.  The first or second time its repeated it's news, after that ... its purpose becomes sinister:

  1. The intent is to reemphasize either poor or superior judgment of an organization.  For example, the fortuitous pick up of Cris Carter for $100 was a brilliant Viking move (to the detriment of Buddy Ryan), but the rehashing of large contract values waves quite another flag ... see, your guys or your organization are idiots.   Said another way ... we can interpret Prime Time saying ... if your a player looking for a change ... this organization doesn't know how to spend it's money wisely ... your better off playing for my team ... or certainly, some other team (not the Vikings).  If they are fiscally irresponsible ... they are destined to fail.  
  2. Another intent is to consistently remind a player that he's been overpaid and that he can never measure up to the value of his contract.  What this does is place a monkey on that players back ... and I don't know about you ... but I'm not happy about any monkey consistently crapping all over my back.  Isn't it bad enough that we all have the IRS, state and local governments, as monkeys on our backs, to have to carry around, and we all know what they do every time we cash a check.  I have enough to worry about ... namely coaches, the other team, my mates, and of course the zebras.  I need to play ... you're trying to make me into being the unattainable super human!  If I were a player ... I'd clearly catalog these comments and remember them ... and I'd call you on it.  Get off me buddy ... I'm trying to earn a living here!  Really ... there is no amount of money to have to put up with this type of pettiness and we all don't appreciate your intent as these are the men that I go to war with.  They need me ... and I need them ... and let's not forget that my play is instrumental in getting great reviews for my embattled brothers!  
  3. Another more sinister intent is to continually remind a large contingent of a team full of players, that are playing at a very high level,  that they are underpaid and therefore under-appreciated, and should be deserving of more.  Commentators have the luxury of applying an immediate grade to a players performance versus a contract value ... the later, of which, is measured in years.  In other words ... shut the hell up smart-small-donkey.  Once again, the intent is to divide the nation amongst itself.   

Dude!  I have a gift ... all I want to do is help me mates!    

For Prime Time ... or the highly touted butt plug Raider Madden, for that matter ... these views are both understandable and expected.  They crap all over us Viking fans and then help us by showing us beer commercials.  On the other hand ... for someone that appears to be writing for the enjoyment of Viking fans, or is acting as an informational source for Vikings fans ... well ... maybe these writers just might reconsider their views as to what is news ... and what is journalistic anal prodding.  Enough said!       

The Contract!
In the day of the poison pill ... yes, that is right ... poison pill ... it would appear that there needs to be a significant overhaul to the leagues system in regard to contracts.  Wasn't it just a few short years ago that the Vikings were ostracized league-wide for the Hutchinson Deal, followed by the Burleson reaming, which was hushed by the league, only to witness the Packers poison pill in regard to the Brett Farve trade (if the Jet's tried to trade Brett to the Vikings ... the poison pill of lost #1 draft choices would take effect).  Funny ... how no one said boo ... when it comes to applying the nasty to the Vikings.  

From this is would appear to be a no-brainer ... where a players guaranteed money should be parceled out per season (in the amount equal to the value counted under the cap) with stipulations.  The first stipulation should be in regard to actions detrimental to the team, which directly affect every aspect of the organization ... including the pocketbooks of fellow players.  The second should also stipulate that any player that returns to his prior organization forfeits the prorated guaranteed coin ... where it has now become apparent that a teams cap number can be supplemented by a player securing guaranteed money from one team, only to return to his prior team.  Ouch!  All a player has to do, after obtaining an organizations commitment (signed contract), is to behave badly or play poorly and bam ... that player finds himself released and on his way back to a familiar home (where he doesn't have to be on that learning curve) ... a little heavier loaded down by some ill gotten coin.  This little bit of indiscretion has to be tied up by the owners.   

Owners have to be vigilant in that they should never reward bad behavior!

To be direct, no one wants to even discuss guaranteed rookie contracts, but it is out of control and it has to be addressed.  Agents point to it as precedence ... the league .... both players and owners ...  needs to hammer out corrective action for the collective good of the league.        
The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 25, 2008

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