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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Frazier, be it by choice, or being so directed, chooses to back & start McNabb this Sunday.  Why?  Because there is still a glimmer of hope remaining for this season ... even with four (4) opening losses.  We hear your words ... this is our interpretation of those words.  We need to crush any notion of winning.  We need to squash any attempt to salvage this season and McNabb gives us the best chance to do that very thing.   Of course the choreography will give the appearance that we're really trying to win but it's the long term that counts.  We're in a bid for Andrew Luck and we don't want to screw that up.  It funny how people chase an illusion ... St. Elmo's Fire!        

Somewhere along the line, it's been forgotten that our maker has bestowed upon us the Freedom of Choice.  McNabb's performance, his nature, his personality, his demeanor, his whatever is a reflection of his choices.  The result is a series of numerous squandered opportunities ... windows ... events ... all that have transpired into what is now complete and utter chaos.  All this team requires is a leader ... someone that's unafraid to exploit our opportunities.  It is now time to make that change.  

What if you already have Andrew Luck on your roster?  His name is Joe Webb.  What is now ... will not be then.  Aaron Rodger's kryptonite already exists.  Also, if the objective is to win the Super Bowl, and this year, you realize that the victor will be the team that is standing there at the end ... the one that persists.   What will be the order of that day when that wheel turns & you realize your mistake ... will it be Russian Roulette?  Owners don't protect coaches ... patsies ... they fire them!   You have the most unconventional offense in the history of the league at your fingertips and you sit upon your hands!  Why?  
Isn't it bad enough that McNabb clearly understands that he's playing for cash only?  Does that thought give his team mates that warm & gooey feeling?  What will Ponder be playing for if he knows that your true objective is the Andrew Luck bid?  Ponder doesn't look stupid to me.   What is his future ... to compete for the brass ring as trade bait?  What will be his chase?  Does a coach backing McNabb mean something?  Does that statement, that resolve .... does it have weight?  Are the players just a bunch of mindless pawns to be pushed into the chipper-shredder at the will of an unseen hand ... or is Attica at hand?  The air is ripe!    
Looking into Frazier's eyes, what is clearly seen is a brave warrior that is way out of his element.  He portrays an image of calm & resolve while the seas and skies rage all about the ship.  You cannot hide a seaman that succumbs to the never ending pitching deck .... consumed ... green around the gills ... about to blow his lunch over the rail.  Hang on my dear friends, with one hand upon the rail & one for the ship.  Can it be contained for another moment ... to live the lie?       

My Children
Now children, open up the Buddy Ryan book of in-your-face-football to the section that says it's time to pack it in.  It's time to lay down for the whole world to spit on us all.  Guess what ... there is no such utterance in that book, is there?  Do you think for one moment that Leslie Frazier & Mike Singletary have somehow found their way to us by mere coincidence.  You might want to ponder that thought.  The only question is when will our coaches take off their blinders and cast their lot upon the seas of destruction.  Call it a leap of faith ... to totally disregard what is thought to be reality.  Oh yes!  It is time.  

Oh!  I'm sorry!  You still don't understand.  Open up Bud Grant's razor sharp eye piercing unspoken guide for the motivation of men.  You know ... open to the section where it says life's just gotten too hard.   Open to the section where it says its too cold to play outside today.  How about the section that says its too windy or too sloppy to play today.  Maybe, there is a section that says, its time to submit ... to give in.  Hey, we were humiliated in four (4) beat downs in front of millions of people throughout the world but I'm almost 100% certain that you're not going to find anything of this type of bilge in his handbook.  We don't give in until that final breath leaves our body.  Beat me to a pulp ... but I still keep my legs driving forward ... through you ... through you.        
Except for EJ's knee, and apart from some very bruised egos, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this team.  Tell me, what did you expect when you defied the gods? Look upon the other battle fields ... there are bodies strewn over them all ... this doesn't make sense.   Hey, in my book where we stand is great news.  Why?  Because if you now choose corrective action, you'll get the chance to take that smile, smirk, or whatever, off the face of Aaron Rodgers.  Time dictates that it will eventually happen ... the question is ... whose got the brass cahonies (balls - testicles - nuts) to make it so.  History tells us ... it's a crew that wears purple.

What did you think was coming back on that field when Cedric Griffin returned to the fray?  It's not what you think.  Old-Busted-Knees can anchor a side & he's a bit testy these days.  Give him a chance to believe in something and he'll be right in the thick of the fight.    

There was a poignant twist within the movie Hoffa.  Hoffa is made to stand in front of dead men that took up arms for the cause.  Hat in hands he's told by his partner in crime ... better this (the dead upon your hands), then they lacked a leader.  What are we now lacking?
I'm sorry ... I see Ponder chasing something.  It is quite clear that he's not ready.  No disrespect.
  There is also an unsteady historical track to consider.   
There was a great line that was once given by Ray Lewis where he said, "Leaders are not made ... they are born".  Joe Webb is clearly that leader.  Webb's greatest concealed weapon is the low-risk forward pitch.  If Peterson counters left into the line, where Webb counters right to capture the edge, the forward pitch option to the same side countering right Harvin, running up the seam ... becomes unstoppable.  Why?  Here's your choices:

Stack the box left to stop Peterson.


Chose to stop the opposite edge with the blazing Webb rolling out, optioning to the tight ends. 


Forward pitch to Harvin stampeding the right seam.   
A low risk forward pass to Harvin that looks more like a run than a pass.  Unconventional!  Controversial!  Dad, it looks like ... "Get a seal here, and a seal here ... and run it in the alley!" 

The pressure is now off.  Statistically, you're now in everyone's rearview mirror.  No one expects you to do anything but lose & lose & lose.  Come one ... come all ... slap the patsies.  You see ... The Minnesota Vikings can't win the Super Bowl ... it's done ... it's over.  The best that these guys can do is be the spoiler now ... and they just don't got enough left on the plate to scare anyone.

Tell me ... yeah the road to the top is going to be overwhelming but I ask you.  Would you rather be the dog or the pursued.  History tells us that the pursued quiver at the worst possible moments whereas the dog stays angry and stays loose.  I've got nothing more to lose.
The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 4, 2011

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