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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Chester Taylor ... he is a god! 
31 attempts for 77 yards.  An average of 2.48 yards per attempt.  They speak of these numbers, if at all, as if it were somehow an embarrassment for the Minnesota Vikings, instead of what it really is.  Tarvaris Jackson latest statement of frustration, "Some people don't really understand what is going on", says it all.  The kid is humble, until you attack his crew, especially for what they do on that field.  Well I certainly understand Tarvaris's statement, and it's my hope that you do too. 

10 completions on 12 attempts with 1 touchdown and no interceptions.  Tarvaris first 100+ rating of his career.  Four defensive interceptions with 3 returned for touchdowns.  This just doesn't happen without a key.  These accomplishments, which were highly reported throughout the league, all lie at the feet of Chester Taylor.  He is a god.

Versus the Packers, their time of possession was 40:40.  Versus the New York Giants, our time of possession was 47:14 minutes.  Now lets remember, after a returned interception for a touchdown, the opposing offense steps right back onto that field.  Knowing this, that time of possession of 47:14 becomes all the more daunting.  Again, all this success lies directly at the feet of an unsung hero Chester.  He is a god.

Time of possession means fresh legs for our defense.  It gives them time to reflect, adjust and reload.  Something this dog tired crew hasn't had all that much this year.  The net result, as we've now seen, is defensive touchdowns and related scores.  

This is not to diminish the accomplishment of a great defensive scheme of the numerous accomplishments of numerous individuals in all three phases of our contest with the Giants, but the defense has been screaming for something all year long, and they received it in a big way last Sunday.  It was gift rapped in the form ... TIME OF POSSESSION!

The unrelenting objective of pounding the rock versus eight in the box alters a defense in many ways.  The kid needs time ... more than just reps in practice.  Game time and starts to develop.  Time to make his reads.  Time to think and develop a technique.  This doesn't happen with defenders pinning their ears back.  Chester is committed to paying a debt.  This kid came from Alabama state.  In comparison, Brad Quinn came from four year of starting at a major university playing against elite teams.  The kid has 9 starts and 11 total appearances, 5 and 4 overall ... unbelievable!  It doesn't happen without my man Chester.  He is a god!

There is another kid that's breaking NFL records.  One of them primarily in the second half.  Someone had to dish out and take some lumps in that first half.  Brad's plan is genius, but it doesn't happen without my man Chester.  He is a god!    

Chester's willingness to shoulder the load, and take-on whatever burden they drop on him, says a great deal about this individual.  Chester may never be listed with the elite running backs but he does register in a huge way is one primary category.  It's the intangible issue ... heart!  Sports writers may not understand it ... they certainly don't write about it.  How could a sports writer drool over 2.48 yards per carry.  Fans may or may not understand it primarily because they are bombarded by the flash and sizzle.  

Before you dismiss this blue-collar-lunch-pail guy Chester Taylor consider this.  Mewelde Moore in my book is a phenom.  His running and pass catching numbers are off the charts to attest to this fact.  I absolutely love the art that Mewelde creates on the field.  He's fun to watch.  Mewelde maybe the best 3rd down back in the league ... he's just not on the field.  With all this said ... could you even begin to measure the effect of what Chester brings to that field.     

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 11.29.07

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