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Apathetic Mark  
If you listen intently, in regard to just about every broadcast reviewing the Vikings,  you will always hear all those vicious piranha circle back to Kirk Cousins as to always being the available SCAPEGOAT ... as if you weren't playing a team sport.  It's so bad, we Viking faithful go as far as repeating the same sort of tripe, not realizing that we are doing it.  It is here that you need to pay real close attention as within this concept lies your death trap, or better said ... the noose ... on which you'll be fed out enough rope ... to hang yourself every time.  Within these words lie the thought that even if I don't perform well ... or if the team doesn't perform well... they'll blame everything on Kirk Cousins.  This is a fallacy.    

These commentators ... you know, the ones that love dynasties ... so they don't have to work too hard ... well ... they never miss a trick.  It is never what you say ... it is in how you say it ... that elicits a response.

Now peer around the history of this league & carefully observe what happens around a franchise quarterback.  Firstly, there aren't that many of them.  More importantly if they have the ability to both learn & adapt which can be combined with their undeniable skills set ... well ... that opens the door to something very different.  They refer to it as chemistry but it mostly involves fluidity or in how well this thing flows down a pipe.  If you have the wrong mind set, the wrong personnel, or the wrong athletic asset ... well ... that is what gets tossed out with the bath water.     

In other words, the weak link cannot hide!!!  Look around.  Do you remember this guy Case Keenum?  He had his strengths but he also exposed himself as the weakest of links. If you think Fran Tarkenton, with his broken arm, could out throw Keenum, then you'd be wrong.  Keenum's ability didn't turn his card out the door.  

 I truly believe that Kirk Cousins wants to be apart of this franchises future however that will only come from within his body of work.  He knows that he has to win however it's not been possible for him up to this point.  The question is ... is this entirely his fault ... or has he been playing in a sea containing weak links?  In other words, is he actually capable of executing or is someone or something looking to hack at this games Achilles heel?  If it the later ... coaches get fired ... and good players end up on the street.  What is clear is that Kirk Cousins espoused record is clearly an anomaly that defies explanation.  Could there be a whole lot more to the story?   

It would be nice if we all came with labels that identified our true intent ... you know something that might say, "I'm a piece of crap" and you really shouldn't trust me because everyone else around me is ballin' out.  Unfortunately, just as the commentary repeats the tripe without realizing it, so it is also true that players do what they do without realizing that they are also doing it.

If I had earned my stripes as one of those 53 men my only thought would be that Kirk Cousins is my one & only shot at a winner.  He is my guy.  The path laid out as a 6th seed doesn't matter as they will have to face me.  The effort required doesn't matter as again they will have to face me & everything that I've been trained to do.  Compared to what has been laid out ... I'm insignificant ... except in what can be done as a member of this team.  I'm ok with having to say ... I got punched in the mouth ... but let me tell you ... they felt me.         

Nothing is guaranteed ... as even tomorrow is in doubt.  In my mind, the ending to my career is a mere moment away.  Will my chance come?  Will I be marked or will I PUT THE FIGHT!    

Just because you've not been PRO BOWL acknowledged doesn't mean that you don't belong there.  Just because you won't even get a sniff at that Gold Jacket doesn't mean that you don't deserve your shot at immortality.  When that arrow pierced Achilles heal ... it was just a mere moment in time ... however that moment turned into immortality based upon what he could do ... what you might do.  It doesn't matter if your stirring the Kool-Aid as that passing grade ... or obtaining that "A" became dependent upon knowing the name of the woman that was cleaning the building that you were in.  

The only thing that matters was in what you believed ... in what you are capable of ... .  Show me the sweat ... show me the blood & tattered bruises and we will know.  Death ... like defeat ... is just the end of that sweat ride ... that is ... unless you fall under the mark of apathy.

What would those piercing eyes had done with my chance? 

With every step are the words ... YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!!!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 3, 2020