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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Do you think this 3-game slide is some sort of mistake ... or is it as intended.  We couldn't be in a better position.

Standing in front of Mike Zimmer, I would not have a question ... only a statement.  "I have beaten you because you're in panic mode".  It's ok my son because new coaches must learn harsh lessons.  Now remove yourself from it ... and lead this team.      

When a man decides to move, taking on ones decisions in life, he takes that first step.  If he's at the base of the mountain, that step is upward toward the gods and along the way, that individual faces all sorts of adversity like a terrifying glacier crevice, or what could be something as simple as a valley.  The point is, it is almost never in a straight line ... as the crow flies.  So did you just expect this Viking team to somehow just cake-walk it into the Super Bowl?  On the other hand, this team has been left for dead so many times this year that we've had to realign our wardrobe from purple to classic black.  In every week, we are told & reminded of every Viking weakness that could possibly be applied to a team ... like it was a virtual disease ... and we are told we've got all of it bad ... really bad.           

Now consider the history of the righteous man.  It seams like in every story evil petitions the big guy to unleash every sort of adversity possible upon him ... because after all, his life is too sweet & comfortable that there is no reason to test his faith in the big guy.  So of course our faith in him must be tested and adversity becomes our constant companion.  Sure, no one wants the other shoe to drop upon you however we have 55 years of unimaginable adversity to carry as our constant companion.  In other words, without this adversity present at every turn, to be direct, it would be like acknowledging that the almighty no longer loves us as we play upon his gridiron of life.

It is our history, for that adversity to hit us in our most vulnerable local ... at the worst possible moment ... to achieve the greatest impact upon us.  It is there & present always to remind us that what is achieved easily is lost to life's weakest link.  In other words, achieving a piece of hardware ... in the long run ... is meaningless in the future days that count, which might explain why there are so many things that mean so much more to me than any Super Bowl Title.

Imagine someone that lived his life knowing that one day he might have to endure the steely stare of Bud Grants eyes ... there would be no possibility of disappointing that man.  Imagine the honor of having the NFL's Iron Man enduring every obstacle in my life.  Imagine having the ability to obliterate the boundaries and barriers of racism knowing that my actions in life would simulate under the regard of black men.  I was Alan Page & I was Carl Eller, or Gene Washington or Chuck Foreman.  I didn't act like them ... I lived in their footsteps.  I wanted to measure myself in their character & I wanted to achieve the standards that they clearly achieved on the gridiron and I applied it to my life.  They weren't my idols ... they became my mentors in life.

So now Blair Walsh is facing insurmountable adversity as he's lost his confidence kicking ... to which I say, the golf swing must be smooth ... removing the tense ... for it to flow.  You have been blessed by Fran Tarkenton who said, "You may find your swing ... but not here in Minnesota".  It is a gift because he used the word "can't" and as anyone worth his salt knows that the word "can't" cannot be taken back, especially when it is shoved back down someone's throat in return of favor.  What history will show is that Blair Walsh can accomplish just about anything.  To a man ... you will not be allowed to destroy this mans life as I will fight and fall for him until it is all taken away from me.  I've never felt more comfortable with Blair Walsh as this teams kicker as I do now.  As a team we've faced the worst adversity could dish out and we've no only survived ... we have the chance to get better ... much better ... and in this league a small advantage will mean victory.

Let me ask you, would you rather face this teams adversity in the Super Bowl in Houston or would you rather face the fires of the forge throughout the year ... all the while building a razor sharp instrument of death?  Taken from that perspective ... things seem to be moving in the direction as intended.

The reason that we have had to endure a 3-game skid is that our offense is tuned as if it was just came out of training camp & the pre-season, where the entire league is now in mid-season form.  Now consider that all the pieces are there ... all around you ... or they will be joining you shortly.  Consider that the learning curve over the last nine weeks has been almost vertical.  Everyone thinks this team is dead & gone, once again, where it is actually about to explode like no other in the history of the NFL.

Bill Walsh believe that he didn't have to run the ball.  He believed that you have to move the ball to be able to run.  The Vikings backs out of the back field have been devastating.  The offense is evolving at an astounding rate.  The team just can't collectively see it.  How are you supposed to believe in something that you cannot see?  Answer that Coach Zimmer.  If you are a great coach ... answer that one.  The reason they are not scoring is that they are just like Blair Walsh.  They are way too tense to achieve that smooth swing.  They have to let the chi flow as intended.  Making mistakes is what we do ... allowing it to happen, without regard, is how we maintain our balance.  Get out of its way.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 11, 2016