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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

40 Years Later - Where Does Freedom Lie?
It's 40 years later ... 2049.  Wearing those horns, regardless of the actual span ... it was but a flash in time.  Sweetness in a cup!  What could of been done?  What was I willing to forgo?  What was being asked of me?  What was hidden ... obscured by clouds?  What was left on that table?  Was I willing to forgo playing time to secure my chance at destiny?  Was I willing to allow my mind to flex?  What foolish obstacles did I engrain deeply into my mind that mattered?  Was I willing to gallop through foolish words, rules, norms and obstacles?  Did I disregard the safe play?  Did I attack with every breath in my soul?   Where does freedom lie?   

Let your nightmare be ... to ask yourself those questions on February 8th, 2010!   Seeing your history ... is your history.   

The 68 Vikings just won its first division title ever.  On December 22, in Baltimore, the Colts relentlessly blitzed target Joe Kapp for a personal beat down.  For Joe ... it was ugly!  Does history sound familiar?  Kapp became a scholar that day.  In the 69 rematch ... Joe tossed seven (7) touchdowns versus that same squad that book ended Super Bowls III and V on either side of that match.  What also lied between was Super Bowl IV.  Viking history, in its entirety revolves around these day and these events.  Our history lies entwined within a
pierced veil.   
The Missing Rings ... chose a selected memory ... it makes for good television ... but denies the truth.  These vivid snap shots are poised  ... to keep the man down.  I spent the entirety of my life fighting this overwhelming force ... to keep the man down.  What Joe Kapp and Jim Marshal share ... what these teams shared ... is an undeniable love and passion for the one and only franchise ... regardless of their history ... it was their sweetness in a cup.  Embrace them ... embrace their memories, for they hold the keys to your future.    

Can you scholarly stone-cut the word professional on your resume?  Will you achieve vertical height and forgo yards on a stat sheet?  Will you master the impossible of placement and precision?  What would you forgo to hone your skills toward achieving perfection?  Would you forgo a chance at a 2,000 yard season?  Were you willing to distribute the load in favor of balance,  continuity ... and all that is good?  Will you forgo disappointment and a pitiful attitude in lieu of relentless preparation as leadership comes from every angle?  Would you be willing to catch a pass rather than carrying the rock?  Would you forgo a Pro-Bowl birth?  Would you forgo the potential coin on a 2nd contract for what is perceived to be ... unachievable aspirations?  Would you lay out that block, that results in a fine and universal disdain in a meaningless game?  Who and what are you?  Only you can answer these questions.  The key question is what year is it ... 2009 or 2049?

40 years later, it is now more clearly understood.  Why did the ball bounce that way?  The answer of history lies within the continuum.  What years do I refer to?

TJack is not just a breath of fresh air, or another cup of tea.  Every possible opportunity must be grappled onto immediately like seizing a shark from the sea.  His assignments are not to be coddled like they were in Cleveland but rather continually hammered into the forging fires of hell.  He's tough as nails and can take whatever is put upon his plate.  His skills must be pressed at every possible moment.  The Jedi Master must be allowed to complete his training.  Would you be willing to risk loss for the achievement of a greater goal?  Would you forgo the chance at a score for a much greater purpose?  Would you be willing to lose your job ... to be called loony ... to being called into question ... to complete its focus.  The decisions that you make ... the ones that you may think might save your job ... just may have the very opposite effect.  Noll never stuttered ... he knew exactly what he needed to be done.  Brett Farve must be allowed to reverse the aging process gradually or he will become too young too quickly.  

Let us never forget that Doug Williams was the first black man to start and win a Super Bowl.  Let us also never forget that he wasn't the Redskins original starter.  Joe Gibbs originally took the risk in Tampa, scraped it, rebuilt it, scraped it again ... all on its way to its fruition.  Does this sound familiar?    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 16, 2009

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