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2019 NFC
The NFC seeding will soon shake out however what is clear isn't where you play this game ... or when you play it ... but in what team your facing.  In other words, the powers in the NFC are about to clash & that what's it all about.  The problem with power rankings, especially at the end of the year, is that they tend to heavily reflect playoff seeding.  In other words, in 2019 seeding just might end up being irrelevant.  In short, what matters are ACTUAL 2019 Power Rankings.  

At #1 are the New Orleans Saints however there are red flags everywhere.  Although Drew Brees is once again setting NFL records that in itself is never a good thing as there is always a price for chasing records.  In other words, you cannot just show up at a contest hoping to show off your accomplishments to someone that you have to defeat.  1998 comes to mind in a big way here.  How often has the question been asked ... would you rather have RING or RECORD?  Put another way, I'd rather have that Minnesota Miracle the following week but all that wonderful stuff needed to pop to get us there.  What was alarming in regard to the Saints was that prior track meet versus the 49ers where the last one with the ball won the game.  That said two alarming things about the Saints.  Their defense is not immortal where they are subject to depletion facing a very real efficient running game.  If you recall your history, New Orleans wanted no part of Adrian Peterson in 2009 as that clearly unhinged both Brees & their Head Coach Sean Peyton.  That defense may be strong coming out of the gate but they may also only be a shadow of themselves when losing the battle in time of possession.  Secondly, if there was a team that can combine an efficient run game with the ability to mirror the Saints track meet ... well that could spell their death knell.   It's funny that in recent history this Vikings franchise has been the Saints tormentor ... maybe for stealing our 2009 championship.  It is clear that the Saints believe that their revenge is within their sights but last years BLACK MARK looms over them (The World owes us something), however it never works out that way. What has become very clear is that this Viking franchise has actually evolved at a much greater rate & capacity as compared to the Saints.  Disappointment ... in WE DAT' ... might be in the making.  It's a good thing that seven of them made the Pro Bowl.  Keep in mind that no dome has an advantage ... if things get out of hand in the wrong direction.

At #3, are  the Packers with A. A. Ron, Adams & Aaron Jones however it is my belief that they are about to get exposed in a big way.  It is my firm belief that you will see Xavier Rhodes reestablish himself versus Adams ... as for Rhodes this is about pride versus the best.  As for Mr. Jones, I don't expect a repeat performance in the ground game as no one wearing purple is going to fall for that again as they are more than ready to shut it down.  And, as the entire league knows, A. A. Ron has been crippled by all those hankies, where if they don't come time & again in the red zone to give him more downs to score ... the Packers will flounder.  The reason that they are so high on this list is due primarily to the overall health of this team as compared to others like the Seahawks.    

At #4 are the Sea Hawks due in part to Russell Wilson, who in my opinion is the most dangerous QB in the NFC.  Carlson is a boat load to handle but he, in my opinion is suspect, due to a very long 2019 season of overall depletion, especially if Seattle  doesn't earn that first round bye.  Even with a contest being held in Seattle, without Rashard Penny, now on injured reserve, Pete Carrol cannot unleash that two headed monster.  If Russell Wilson is forced into being one dimensional, without Josh Gordon, his very suspect receiving core will not be able to retrieve his bacon from the fire.   

At #6 are the 49ers for numerous reasons.  Firstly, they have sputtered badly versus the NFC elite, were it not for a blown coverage to their #1 threat Kittle, they'd go home with yet another loss in New Orleans.  Also, their injury report is growing by leaps & bounds.  I expect them to sputter badly down the stretch.  Even though the #5 Rams will not be playing for a playoff birth, it's my belief that the Rams will want to demonstrate that they should be in the tournament & against this 49er depleted squad where they are going to want to send that message.  As for playing in Seattle, even without many of their weapons, Seattle will find a way to put on a display against the 49ers depleted core in the hopes of putting up a false front for the playoffs.

At #7 are the Eagles, outlasting the Cowboys at #8 due primarily to Jerry Jones, where he's anxious for a change & has put his franchise into chaos.  In his mind, if he cannot win the prize, making the playoffs isn't his priority.  

This puts this Vikings franchise in the NFC's Power Rankings at the #2 spot primarily due to it potential playoff seeding which may have them on the road for three consecutive weeks as they may not be able to catch the Fudgies.  This may have been decided on this 2019 opening day result where the Packers defeated the Bears, where this Vikings franchise faced a completely different squad in Chicago.   Why are the Vikings so high on this list of very good NFC teams?  Well it's due in part to this franchise's ability to re-establish itself as a potential track team with the return of a healthy Adam Theilen with a very stout receiving crew at every possible position ... including full back.  Even without a 100% totally healthy Dalvin Cook, during what is expected to be a very brutal playoff run, you will see the emergence of Boone & Abdullah, with Alexander Mattison leading the way.  Why?  Because Alexander impact is nothing less than brutal, as "THEY WANT NO PART OF YOU" (Sometimes very important words are spoken through those that have no idea what they are saying).  Now with the Pro Bowl snubbing of Cousins, Kendricks & Ham, amongst others, the message is becoming crystal clear ... you see ... those destined to play in the NFL's biggest game don't play in the Pro Bowl.            

What you don't do is say, Mr. QB, I'm sorry that they now overlooked you for the second consecutive year.  Instead what you might say is, "Now it's time that we showed everyone that this isn't a popularity contest ... we're going to show them that they were wrong".  It's time to blow the dust off this thing.    

Now, it's time to prostrate myself.  My son would say to me, "Dad, you know how this all ends ... Don't you dad?"  To which I have only this to say, "Yes son, I know how this all ends ... I've been there many, many times ... but with every fiber within my body ... I'll fight it all to the end".  You never know.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 18, 2019