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Zeke Elliot's   
Jerry Jones was dared to pay Elliot's contract, to incite Chaos throughout the league however he struck out without question.  Why?  It was because he understood that without Zeke Elliot, much like Emmitt Smith, his team would lose.  In his mind, it was better to escarole the resources into his most important asset before paying either his quarterback or wide receiver.  Now ask yourself a question.  What would the Cowpokes do if they had two Zeke Elliot's?  Do you think that they would wait around for the other 31 franchises to tell them what to do or would you see them capitalize on such a profit?     

WELL DER ... THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU GOT UP DER IN MINNY-SOO- TAAH!  No disrespect to the truly exceptional Mr. Cook however ... IN YOUR WORDS ... "They want no part of you", which of course is the unleashing of Mr. Mattison too.   Mattison's two penalized runs, excluded from all of history, left my jaw agape in absolute disbelief.    

The word COMMAND is generally misunderstood however the word RESPECT stands side by side with it.  In other words, someone could be given command of the ship however what good is it if the crew, or even a small part of the crew, has no respect for the COMMAND.  COMMAND isn't just thrown around to anyone where your first chance at command is generally given based upon your body of work ... to evaluate your propensity to handle COMMAND.  Failure at every juncture can always be attributed to the failure of understanding the principals of COMMAND.

Head Coach Mike Zimmer has been characterized in many ways however at this Juncture it is clear that Jerry Jones believes that he knows all of his tendencies which he plans to use fully to his advantage.  Regardless of it's inherent truth or not, it is clear that Mike Zimmer uses both trust & decentralized decision making to allow his people to perform on game day.  After all, Coach Zimmer cannot make the tens of thousands of decisions that are required on each game day where all he can do is prepare his team for that eventuality.  That is, until he must invoke his COMMAND & once issued, there can be no question in regard to the execution of that COMMAND.  This is the primary key that Jerry Jones has over Coach Mike Zimmer because he firmly believes that our coach has no intention upon flexing that particular muscle.  Now consider that there are 31 other franchises out there that know that very same fact.  In other words, to change the result, sometimes you have to act rather than to react.

Head Coaches are fired all the time however Coach Zimmer may never face that eventuality ... and for good reason, however our friend Mike must understand that there is an army willing to stand with him regardless of the magnitude of his decisive failures.  It is my belief that coaches are not fired due to their decisive failures but are rather fired for their body of work which includes a list of indecisive decisions.       

At any point in your life have you ever considered that a quarterback might question whether he is in fact an elite quarterback where the thought might be ... it might be easier to fail than it is trying to face futility.  Let me tell you directly that Kirk Cousins is no Brett-Favre-in-purple, where if he fails, he actually wins somewhere else, as part of his legend combined with our wasted resources.  Now consider the following.  Do you have any idea how poorly Kirk Cousins had to play in order to lose to the Chiefs?  This isn't a blemish on our starting quarterback but is more a reflection on my belief in him that is well beyond his remarkable talent.  In short, what he is capable of doing on that field at times leaves me speechless with my mouth agape.   

So, once again I make this plea that if your veins bleed purple that you no longer buy into any negativity that is tossed about by the dreg calling themselves fans.  My commitment to Kirk Cousins as our starting quarterback is unquestioned and even as an elderly fart I will stand for nothing less in my midst.        

Now back to that COMMAND.  One of the most effective ways of selling is to take away both features and benefits where they might say this is all I can pay but they are resistant to not having air conditioning for example.  Once that thing is taken away somehow they always seem to find a way to pony up.      

Now consider the following.  Is not each NFL match a battle?  If it is so, then we must consider the words of General Robert E. Lee.  We must be willing to put at risk the very thing that we are most devoted to ... an impassioned love.  Of course he was talking about the destruction of his army, well beyond any NFL battle, however there is crossover that no one seems to consider.  Time moves on and the opportunity ... your opportunity ... is only in front of you once.  You either seize it or you allow it to be destroyed before your eyes.  In Head Coach Mike Zimmer's COMMAND, what must lie at his feet, is the willingness to Destroy-Those-Opportunities, thereby changing the outcome.  Coach must be willing to take away each & every marble until those under his command clearly understand that they must change their mind set, as wasting opportunities will not stand.  If what you are doing is the root cause of failure then my order shall be issued ... and every one of you will not appreciate me tying your very idle hands & minds.       

In the movie "SEMI PRO", they called it the PUKE!  It was a basketball play that they ran over and over again until they literally puked.  For Head Coach Mike Zimmer it might be called INCIDENTAL PUNISHMENT.  It is the scripting of seven (7) consecutive running plays with one primary caveat.  If you make me do this again, it will be eight consecutive plays, adding one more each and every time invoked.  "Now, let me ask you (words of Mike Zimmer to the defense or the offense) ... Do you think I care a lick if we go three & out ... because the next time out, the offense will have to face another three & out?"   Do you think I care that there is only 2 minutes left on the clock?  Now go ahead and count up the number of plays typically run by the offense, and you'll see that if & when I tie Kirk Cousins hands, that I'm taking about sinking your opportunities to win this or any game.  You might have thought there was enough adversity facing the other team & the officials on a bad day.  Well this act will not pale by comparison.  Don't make me do this. You think facing a any foe is hard ... try facing & doing battle with yourself as there can be no greater adversity.  

Those Doors, regardless of any team incentive issued by the owner, will never be opened ... where 6 degrees below zero ... cannot the building endure.  You will never realize this opportunity.  Those doors can only be dangled as a carrot ... as a toothless warrior.   

Under COMMAND lies much more than just responsibility.  There is passion, devotion & love for it all.  In that lies the statement, "I am more than willing to do this for you."  The sinking ship be damned!  

So, why would this be inevitable?  Because no mindset ... no agenda ... no nefarious plan of action ... can be allowed to endure on my watch.  You have worked too long & too hard not to have even the smallest of avenues to achieve the outcome.  Diggs would never again allow himself to have to rely on some sort of predisposed field goal attempt but instead stood as a man.  Today, we call his action a miracle.  In other words, you cannot corrupt what cannot be completely controlled which might explain why Head Coach Pete Carrol will never rely upon a field goal ... as that's the other guys shtick. This might explain why Coach Carroll's expression when that final kick is made is of true surprise because before that kick was made he had known that he already had failed.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 6, 2019