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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Will Not Shave  
It was biblical.  Samson's strength lied within his locks of hair.  Due to a rather uncomfortable feeling, something possessed me to shave my face ... and that was after declaring myself a Viking in Philadelphia.  So, as it is written, my facial hair will be allowed to grow until the Vikings lose (hopefully that will be after the Super Bowl).     
Weatherly has proven his worth at Defensive End.  To counter the Bears run game Wilson was useless however countering with a five man front using Griffen, Joseph & Richardson might have proven to be quite effective, even if you were forced to drop the X-gunner Griffen into coverage.  Weatherly & Hunter on the ends would have destroyed the outside QB running threat too.  Offensive innovation took Zimmer's defense to task ... whereas Zimmer's defensive innovation will counter any offensive threat.    

In those many discussion regarding Bill Belichick, came the axiom ... "If you're not trying to cheat ... then you're not trying to win the game".

Well from Sunday two Thursday we see two starting quarterbacks for the Chicago Bears and what do we see ... the same exact same quarterback slide.  All which means that this technique was specifically taught & applied as it was repeated over and over again in Chicago for us & then repeated again in Detroit by a completely different quarterback playing for the same team.
The rule as it has always been stated is that the ball would be marked where the quarterback began his slide, or in other words, the quarterback is giving himself up where no further contact can be initiated.  Anytime the quarterback does not initiate the slide, he can achieve the final line of gain until he is down by contact.  In other words, unless the quarterback slides feet first (parallel to line of gain), then he is considered a runner where he can sustain full contact.  Enter Scum Bag coach Nagy.

What happens if coach Nagy teaches a sideward slide, where the quarterbacks head is just forward of his line of gain.  In this instance, no matter where that Chicago quarterback begins his slide, he is awarded the line of gain to the point he is down by contact.  The kicker is that the quarterback is also awarded the protection that he is not a runner.  If contact, is initiated in any significant manner, due to inertial forces of that contact, the legs will end up down field, with the upper body ending up, as if the slide was initiated feet first down field. The net effect to this new cheating maneuver is not only to ignore point at which the slide to give up the quarterbacks body, but to award the entire slide (4 or 5 yards down field) until down by contact occurs (remember the head located forward to the line of gain during the slide), followed by a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty being added for contact with a protected player, as well as the loss of that defensive player for the remainder of the game.  Although that defensive player can still play, he cannot play the same as you are only given two conduct penalties per game with the second resulting in an ejection.  In addition to that, that defensive player also faces a review from the league including a most certain fine from the league for that contact.  In addition to that, the defensive player also has to deal with the accumulative effect of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties from the league, which not only increases the fines, but also includes other impending disciplinarian action by the league.  

There is no mistake whatsoever in teaching this new technique as it is a win-win-win-win-win for whomever decides to cheat the game.

The actions of the officials & the NFL, in allowing this to happen unchecked, allowing judgmental calls to initiate flags without review is dangerously close to a violation of an NFL players violation of his constitutional rights, which quite simply is stated as "Equal Protection Under the Law".  In short, depending upon your role, any defensive individual that is trying to earn a living in the NFL is not guaranteed equal protection under anything, which is a clear violation of their rights.  It wouldn't surprise me if this didn't end up being decided in the supreme court.  Of course, there is one obvious obstacle ... that being the NFL players union which slaves itself to the NFL to abide by these ridiculous rules.  The problem that both the league & the union face is that they cannot enforce any behavior that is clearly unconstitutional.        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 23, 2018