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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The question that needs to be answered in everyone's mind is, "Why did he come back?"  In time, if we listen closely, we just may learn the real answer to that question but I can tell you unequivocally that it was not about the money.  As my mench-like father-in-law used to say, money is nice to have but ... (there is much more to life than money).

We thirst for answers, as something is not quite genuine to our perceptions, but the true answers which lies deep within this man remain hidden to us all.  My hope is that it remains there ... hidden from us all.  The reason is that it is something that cannot be shared ... at least not with you.       

So what it comes down to is exactly what do and can we believe?  Unless you are blind, death and dumb what shows up on that field cannot be fabricated.  In fact, in listening to this man speak, you become quite confused as it doesn't fit what can be clearly seen, that is upon that field.  His words are measured ... call it experience from years of swimming amongst sharks that are quite willing to rip him to shreds.   So when the immortal child-like soul says that he once again wants to be able play with his new mates ... this is true without doubt.  Again ... something very powerful is hidden from our view & our internal bull-crap indicators scream at us.  What can we hang our hat on?  Where do I find the courage to take that leap of faith?  

Now let's deeply explore your trepidation.  One of the most important biblical statements ever bestowed upon man is, "If not for yourself, then who will be?"  This statement is as confused by pin heads as much as the understanding of the Immaculate Conception.  What is generally thought about caring for oneself is to get as much for yourself (greed) as you can, which couldn't be further from the truth.  The reality of this powerful bit of prose is that you have the ultimate responsibility to your wife, your children, your family and all that surround you.  In other words, if you allowed your health to suffer ... who would take care of your loved ones.  So begrudge him his compensation & you spit only the tales of a jealous man.  Thousand-aires speaking with millionaires working for (want to be) billionaires.  

Now consider these very powerful statements: "To thy self be true" & "What do you see when you look into the mirror?"  Here my friends are the answers that are justly hidden from us.  Sometimes a much more powerful mirror can lie within the eyes of a wanton (frolicsome or playful) child.  We deserve no answers to these questions ... only to answer these questions for ourselves.  Did that interception that tore into the soul of the Viking Nation actually provide us with a gift?  In other words, from the ashes did that phoenix rise.  You see, we have no right to expect a repeat performance of 2009, however there is now 50 years of unfinished business ... waiting for collection.     

Just like a petulant child ... "Are we there yet?"  No, you must be patient!  The journey is long and ride is not yet over.  Could this be what Brett is trying to tell us?  Too often too many focus upon the final result as if to jump onto a band wagon.  Take heart my brothers as it is more important to tarry the load of each step.  To taste the bitterness of the journey.  To be its witness.  The pyramid did not build itself.

Believe me when I tell you, "THE WHY", was not asked by you?  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 19, 2010

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