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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Who gets the seat? 
On September 18, whom exactly is going to get that seat?  After all ... whomever lays out the cash ... is probably going to pay for an entire seasons worth of tickets.   

Of course there is the one primary thought that each a season ticket holder is going to want to be in attendance for Minnesota's (and the NFL's) newest venue, for that first contest when the games actually count to say, "Hey, I was there", but let's get real.  There will be a boat load of dollars being thrown out there for this once in a lifetime event.  Factor in the history of selling-out to Packers fans, and this has the real makings of a disaster.  Instead of a proper christening, it may turn into a "lead-pipe-curse" to span the decades.

There are die hard Viking fans that want a shot at that opportunity to be in attendance on September 18th, and they just might be able to compete based on the highest bid, but they cannot compete with an established system that will shut the door on them.  Somehow this Viking franchise is going to have to get a serious handle on their own venue for the annual tilt versus the fudge-packers, in our house, where the actions of our ticket holders will become public knowledge available for both public scorn & scrutiny.

So exactly what are you saying?  Are you saying that someone might have purchased a PSL on the 50 yard line so that they can sell their tickets to the Fudge-Packer Nation ... to cram their own brand of punishment upon the ones that bleed purple?  Well, it might not be on the 50 yard line ... but ... yes, that is exactly what I'm saying.  So, what you're saying is that money for a PSL can buy you more that just tickets where the PSL can be used as leverage for a gigantic dick head?  Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying here and yes, this factor can be multiplied over and over again.   Hey, far be it from me to ever hear Fudge-Packers chanting in our Metrodome.  It will never happen ... except for that last year thing.    

Not to worry though.  The bulk of the PSL's have already been sold to pay the owners share of the new stadium.  It's a good thing that most of New York are already Giant's fans.  Whoops ... this isn't New York ... is it?   Only time will tell, who was the highest bidder, and to see what hand that we've been dealt???  Exactly who is in that seat?  Is it time for the Viking Nation to take out its cameras to document this pending debacle?  Management just might not have enough time to do it and still be able to count all that money. 

"GO PACK GO!"  It just might be followed by a member of the Viking Nation ... that snaps.  It just might be like paying your satellite television service to watch their commercials all day.   TV used to be free over the airwaves and in return we had to watch all those commercials ... now we pay to do that.  How did we get so smart?

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: April 16, 2016