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What Did We Just See?
One game does not a season make ... is both true and apropos ... except no one appears to be asking the question ... Exactly, what did we see yesterday?

You could point to the opening sack.  You could comment on the stellar play of our special teams unit in blocking that punt.  You could point to that stifling defense.  You could point to the efficiency of Kirk Cousins.  You could point to the efficiency of that offensive line.  Heck, you can point to just about every man just doing his job, but that doesn't really define what we saw yesterday.    

Well, although it is true that one game does not make a season ... that statement could & would be true except for just one very special day ... January 13,1974.  On that day, one game did in fact make for a complete season.  Regardless of the will of any one member of that defense, there was no way to stop Csonka from gaining 4 yards.  In three carries, the result would be a first down, and on occasion Csonka would break loose & get onto that 2nd level only to crumple either Bryant, Krause or Wright.  Our defense was designed to dog passing teams into submission only to have to face one of the greatest running attacks ever conceived in the Modern era.  Shula gave us a heavy dose of Czonka (mostly), Kiick & Morris & to be direct ... we have never been so badly beaten ever.  Sure, there have been numerous other tragic moments in our history, but not one compares to the steady progress of that Miami team on that day.  The whistle blew and never once was there any doubt from that moment forward.  It was so bad that one could clearly state that 73 team far & away exceeded Shula's 72 undefeated team.  The proof of that statement would be in 3rd contest of the 72 season.  On January 13, 1974 the Vikings didn't make out and out blunder ... they simply were being beaten by better blocking and tackling.     

So, what did you see yesterday and how might that affect Kirk Cousins ... and in a good way?  Well, if the team is no longer absolutely dependent upon him ... then the outcome of every game ... including that final game ... will always be in doubt.  Maybe that is a very good thing.   

Said another way:  Diggs took it into his hands ... the result is now referred to as a miracle.  Keenum took it into his hands ... the result was the Eagles first Super Bowl Championship.  Farve too took it into his hands ... the result was the Saints first Super Bowl Championship.  Blair Walsh ... Gary Anderson ... it goes on & on.  Can you see, what we just saw just ... and where it might be going.

Unto himself, John Elway lost three Super Bowl Titles.  Under Kubiak ... his role was shifted into being just a participant ... the result ...  

What did we just see?

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 9, 2019