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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Dan Wiederer recently wrote commentary announcing that the Vikings have a 20 month schedule to become a wild card playoff team.  How often have you heard that shtick ... a 3 year plan?  Soooo .... Please allow me to retort.  Maybe you haven't noticed the swinging door but there are a whole lot of new faces about for a reason.  That door is in perpetual motion.  Get the picture?

Is there some sort of artificial buffer that's been placed out there for the rookies to let them know that they are on some sort of special time-management-plan to allow you to get accustomed to your new environment?  Sure there is ... and a split second later ... you've either taken your first step toward history ... or your first step toward that swinging door.  It sounds like you need to have some sort of orientation.  Well maybe I can help you out.  "This isn't your first rodeo!"

Orientation 101: Allow me to tell you everything that I know that is acceptable about losing ...   Well, now that we've got that taken care of we can move on to business.  It's a business with some pretty good competition.  The word business is in reference to the swinging door.  Ask Tom Brady if he understood the concept of that swinging door.  NFL - NOT FOR LONG!

What is the definition of a Rookie?  For some reason, a rookie believes that they will be allowed to make mistakes ... or that the coaches will have some sort of special patience ... a sort of coddling for them to get their feet wet.  You missed it ... that perception right there ... is your definition.  That leeway that you think exists actually did ...  about 5 generational-rookies ago.   Personally I've been in an absolute rage since December 28, 1975 so just count yourself lucky that I'm not your coach ... with blood shooting from my eyes.

How long is it going to take before these Rookies learn our history?  Kind of shameful isn't it.  They don't consider themselves as if they were one of us ... that is until they have it shoved down their throats.  You can learn it and wear it as your coat of arms or you can learn it the hard way ... on the field.  How long do you think it takes a Rookie to understand the full extent of recent Steeler history that began in the 70's?       

Soooo ... allow me to help with the understanding of exactly where you stand.  No Viking fan, or NFL spectator, can win the Super Bowl.  The Vikings franchise has a 1 in 32 chance in winning it all with this upcoming 2012 team ... and that is exactly what they will do.  Does this jive with Dan Wiederer's 20 month plan.  It's a good thing that orientation helps ... doesn't it?  

Not one player in all 32 teams actually believes that they will actually win the Super Bowl due to how difficult it is to win it all ,,, that is a fact.  What they all say and what most do are two entirely different things.  Even though one team actually wins it all ... how many are actually married to the concept?  How many are dragged along for the ride?  There are no guarantees gentlemen.  To be able to win it ... absolutely everything needs to change ... and that will be married with the concept that nothing will be allowed to change.  It's time to get your mind right!  Are you still searching for those endorsement deals?

How can this happen simultaneously?  In 1999, Curt Warner ran the Dan Fouts era San Diego Charger offense. 
Anyone that tells you that they were 100% certain of the result is a liar.  If you are a rookie, or you actually get the opportunity of being apart of this 2012 team then you have to assume a role that doesn't exist.  It cannot be explained.  It cannot be described.  It must be realized.  Pay attention because your going to have to savor every tidbit as the rest must be grown as if it were a seed.

Peer around and you might notice some blood ... maybe a little sweat ... maybe some foreign odors.  You might even notice pain from time to time.  You might witness a little violent behavior or even be the witness to a violent slow motion wreck (Brett Favre's Championship).  You might hear something out there that turns your curdling stomach.  This gentlemen represents hundreds of well paid athletes that want nothing more than to take your Lolly Pop!  These athletes are trying to pound your head into the dirt while contemplating how they can do it in such a way that you don't lose your job to someone that has better skills ... making their business that much harder.

Hears a direct quote from the Ghost, "Fear and odor go hand in hand ... only displaced by absolute fatigue."  There is only one thing that can wash away the stench.  Can you guess what it is?

Soooo ... now you might be asking yourself, "Why exactly am I here?"  What do I have going in my favor other than the ever dangerous youth and skill.  Rookies are the most dangerous commodity in this league.  Nobody expects you to do a darn thing as you already have one foot out the door.  To make it, your going to have to become Leonardo da Vinci of artistic football.   

No one knows what you can do.  No one knows what you will do.  Herein lies the key to this teams success.  Statistics state that everyone will get beat ... that is not something that you can get concerned about.  Your only focus is not to get beaten.  So what does that mean?  When your standing there in the end with a smile on your face ... you'll have figured it out.  Until that day however you will feel the wrath of that blood shooting from my eyes.

Count yourself lucky that you don't have Bud Grants laser-like eyes that could pierce your very soul.  Then again, there is no way that you'll ever see what it took to be the champions that they were ... regardless of what history might say.

Now get yourself ready for what you see & experience this year will be of legend.

Many have made an issue in regard to 3-draft-pick pairs from the same schools.  It's a message from the Ghost.  My mother is a Gemini, where absolutely everything happens in pairs.  Let's just say it got my undivided attention.  In life ... there are no mistakes.     

The Viking Ghost Writer
May 2, 2012