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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Viking Vindication - Could it be purple Pants?
It's Monday, December 10th and "Prime Time" on the NFL Network is starting to spout-off and get loud.  He, and his cohorts, are jockeying for the rematch in Dallas pitting his ex-NFL team (Da Pokes') with the Packers in the NFC's Championship game.  He came right out and said that he'll have no part of any other NFC competitors, like the Seattle Seahawks.  

It's a funny thing about getting loud that I learned from my mother-in-law.  Yes, we can learn from everyone that's around us.  When she's forced into a corner, into an indefensible position, my mother-in-law gets really loud.  Somehow, you either have to press the issue, because it has to be done, or the thunderous shrill will win the argument based upon their deafening roar alone.  It will take much more than noise to defeat these 2007 Vikings.  

If the season were to end today, the Minnesota Vikings would travel to Seattle for a wild-card playoff match up.  You're soon to hear it.  There is now a blue print on how to stop Adrian Peterson.  Run Blitz and throw bodies at the every possible gap and gang tackle until you find "All Day" and that rock.  Hello!  This ain't Barry Sanders and the hapless Detroit Lions of old, which was truly one-dimensional.  You just might be able to shut down a certain aspect of our game but there are numerous playmakers on both sides of the ball to be reckoned with.  

So we present the question, exactly what poison will you pick?  This is what this very stout 49er's defense found out yesterday.  The 49ers team won a battle but it lost the war!  So I agree, there is most definitely a blue print but unless it start with "Team X" tries this, quickly followed by the Vikings winning the contest ... then you're delusional.

Now allow me to gaze into my crystal ball.  

If we do in fact end up traveling to the Seahawks then I expect the Seahawks to be favored in this contest.  I also envision something that is rarely seen in Seattle.  It's called rain.  Even before the clocks first tick, the Viking's offense will see these falling drops as if it was blood upon the waters.  The Seahawk's recent resurgent ground game will swallowed-up by two gentlemen that go by the name of Williams that leads a voracious defense of horned "Beserker Fury".  The Pokes' will view this dismemberment all while sitting on their comfy cushy couches ... reassuring themselves that there is no way that this will happen to them in "Poke-Land".

This "Beserker Fury" will then transform itself at Dallas into "Beserker Rage".  This controlled sensation will manifest itself from a proud Viking history of pain and will evolve from a primordial Viking vindication.  A portion of my innocence was taken from me on December 28, 1975 and since that day the Viking Nation was sullened and soiled for all time by these boisterous Cowbows and their faithful.  This injustice has never been corrected (by the league)... and that's because we have never mattered.  Today, my hero's, like the NFL's Iron Man, are seen as nothing more than clowns.  On this day, the Beserker Nation will stand like men to collect our birthright, to right an injustice, and also to write a script to immortality.            

Normally, the number 13 is considered evil, or at the very least, negative.  What is unlucky for one is integral to the success of a another.  The 2007 Minnesota Viking victory #13 will propel us to the Super Bowl.  It will come at historic Lambeau field and it will be Bret Farve's last and final opportunity.  

The last and final episode will be written wearing our away colors ... in purple pants ... the continuation of a four game string.  The purple will camouflage the elusiveness of horned legs.  Our history has unfairly victimized the color of these pants as being unlucky ... but in 2007 it will be unlucky for whom.  You may recall that the futuristic 1960's purple pants pre-dated Joe Namath's unruly white shoes as being less than adequate or appropriate.  In this final contest, our colors will force our opposition into colors they do not relish.

No dome team has the ability to win four away games ... the last record of the NFL's 2007 season.        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.10.07

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