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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Victory Keys
The keys to victory this Sunday (October 2) versus the Chiefs is to start McNabb & play him the entire game.  If you have a clean shot at McNabb, be sure to impart an unbalanced rush or to feign a phantom last second trip to keep McNabb free & clear from injury.  By all means, do not risk sacking McNabb, as that could injure the Prima-Donna and risk losing the game.  Of course, this is not the keys to victory for the Vikings but the Keys to victory for the Chiefs.  If you see McNabb playing for the Vikings on Sunday, you might consider rooting for the Chief's.  At the very least you won't feel like you worked hip deep in manure all day long.  
Keep in mind ... even if we win we lose! 

In other words, if McNabb starts and plays the entire game take the Chief's and the point.  On the other hand, if Webb starts the game, or plays more than 2 quarters in this game, the Vikings win +14, and they take their first step toward a championship season.  If Ponder takes the helm at any point at all ... you can scrap the entire season ... then head for the hills.  Ponder is not ready.
When your only hope is to pray for one of our lineman to awkwardly fall on McNabb ... what does this say?  The beast-like Lions wouldn't cook the goose that laid their golden egg.

Reading this weeks commentary installments regarding McNabb has been quite comical.   "Bad mechanics" ... maybe they are talking about the mechanics that involve putting the coin in his pocket.  Statistically an 0 for 6 performance on third downs in the second half last week plus this entire years 2nd halves screams RED FRIGGIN' FLAG!  Maybe the words HISTORIC doesn't raise an alarm.  Tell me exactly, how is this performance different from Favre's fatal interception in the 2009 championship game.  It's the same result.  Even before the season started you could see the stench for over 1,000 miles.

It matters not whether your the best or the worst team in the league.  To a man, they all make mistakes and they all can improve on their game.  Each and every last one of them.  This week I've seen the finger unfairly point to every corner of our team ... except to it's dubious leader with outhouse stench all over him.  They bashed our defense, the same set of characters that blazed splash plays all over the field last week, like they were a bunch of 4 year old pasties.  Those defenders shook their heads wondering how in the world that they got shredded time and again understanding that it is taboo & counterproductive to blame the other side of the ball (the offense).  Well let me help you out there.  A hot air balloon has no chance of getting off the ground if you rip out the top panel releasing all the hot air.  Do you feel like you're in permanent landing mode?  Maybe the entire team can't see the ripped out top panel?  Let me put it another way, you cannot carry a 1 gallon bucket of water if it has a 4" diameter hole in the bottom of it ... that's even if it is raining hard.  In other words, it doesn't matter on how good your are or how well you play.  

Why is it so hard for our owner to swallow that we want a true Viking to take the helm of this ship?  A true Viking heart!  That must be a huge set of Los Angeles blinders ... a dead stealthy silence ... beating to a crescendo.   

he Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 30, 2011

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