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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Vick Factor
Are you kidding me?  Once again, Belichick is painted by the commentators as a genius, instead of the tainted cheatin' scum bag that he is, because he's the only person on the planet that can convince Michael Vick to be a role player on his team instead of a quarterback.  The reason Belichick holds all the cards is that he can rely on the fact that Joe Montana II is firmly entrenched deep within his hip pocket to sway any attempt by Michael towards his aspiration at the QB spot in bean town.

Here's the reality.  Michael Vick was one of the most dynamic players in the league.  What this all comes down to is exactly how are we going to get one of the most dynamic players on that field.  Now the man that can do that will be by its name the true definition of the word "coach".  Note to league ... allowing the big "cheatin'-B" up in bean town to step in to snatch that talent for himself is a sin.  

In other words, exactly what type of mental midget will it take to convince poor Michael that he's a football player with skills first and foremost ... and a very good football player at that.  In other words, Michael's vision of himself flushed itself down the drain about two years ago and its going to take something more than words to reestablish that dream.  If your listening out there ... there is no greater destruction than that that is done either by ourselves or by the ones we truly love.  Yes ... no one is alone in this regard.    

Vick has been out of the league for two years, so there's not going to be a whole lot of takers when it comes to turning the keys over at the QB spot of any NFL franchise.  The first half of that statement is in regard to his 2 year layoff ... the speed of the game, timing, skill development, etc., which is going to take some time to re-establish itself ... a decisional investment that will weigh heavily on any organization.  Michael also has to contend with his history, which is an outline of how he played the game, and the stats that resulted from that play.  Remember ... it has to fit ... or no sale.  

Now for the more sinister meaning behind this viscous statement ... the bed that Michael has built for himself.  Michael has to come to grips with the fact that he will have to reestablish himself as being apart of an organization ... to be a role player ... whatever that role is ... rather than the man entrusted to the helm of the organization.  These are hard words, but they are reality.  Let's not fool ourselves ... we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars here.  The reason which no one seems to want to come to grips with is that words, Michael's words,  are just that ... words ... they are meaningless ... especially to a group of studs that are laying out blood, sweat and tears 24/7/365.25.  Michael's redemption will come only with sweat equity, but more importantly, by an unselfish attitude toward the game.

To be direct, what Michael has learned means absolutely nothing and here is why.  You don't give an alcoholic a drink, where Michael, on the other hand, has a flaw ... a demon ... or better said a temptress that must be slain by his hand, and his hand alone.   

In other words, Michael is going to need to offer a bigger part of himself ... to give of himself ... if he has any hope toward achieving either his vision of himself, or more importantly, what he was meant to achieve.  To be direct, it was quite evident that he was unwilling to offer anything whatsoever other than his vision ... because the elite don't have to do nothin'.  Those days are now long gone.     

There is however some very good news ... a silver lining if you will ... unless he quits, he will achieve what he was meant to achieve ... his destiny ... and that my friends may have absolutely nothing to do with Michael's prior vision of himself.   

Here's the rub.  There are going to be takers in regard to a chance at a future opportunity at QB ... however it will be at the expense of some very slim pickings.  If Michael chooses an organization with a weak foundation (like the Lion's or Bengal's of the past), it could forever put him into a deep spiral that he will never recover from.  The prime reason here is that he's will be thrust into the #1 role of vision.  In this universe there will be no chance at slaying his demons.  The good news here is that Michael has something that too few have ... a choice.    

It pains me to say this, but immersing Michael Vick into an organization of the Brady's, Moss's, et al., will be the very best situation for him, because he'd only be playing a role within that organization ... in an effort to reestablish his credibility.  Michael's only problem there, of course, is that there would be little chance a long term relationship ... "I'm working hard so I can hit the streets".   Unfortunately folks, there is no other team on the planet that has a foundation of star power to dilute poor Michael V.

Isn't it strange, where players like T-Jack are made to pass that before-and-after-time-line (2008 in Arizona), whereas coaches have no such expectations to achieve that same epiphany.  

Yes ... it takes backbone, guts and chutzpa.  Hey dude!  It's only a freakin' yob!  Indecision kills.  

For Dick Vermeil it came in the form of two: Falk and Warner.   

Epitaph: "Here's a dude that took a shot, and it blew up in his face."  Well here's a thought that has taunted me throughout my life ... in an alternate universe the Minnesota Vikings won all four of its Super Bowl's.  

As for Bret, there is always a consequence for what you do ... and that consequence ... that destiny ... lies within these words that finally slam that door shut.       

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: July 29, 2009

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