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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

It finally hit me this morning.  It's been a long time since the original owners that established this organization have been around.  It could be argued that the bulk of this franchise has no idea of it's history.  They may have no idea of what it means to be a Viking.  They may have no idea why they wear purple, or royal red for example, except of course that these players have always looked dam good wearing these threads.  If this is as far, and as deep an understanding, that these players have ... then it's no wonder why players like Joe Webb, Everson Griffen and Toby Gerhart are being allowed to, and encouraged to, look for the exits rather than being apart of the siege ... for the duration.  

To begin, let start with a derogatory statement.  "The "Queens" got smoked last night by the SeaCrocks".  Well if you were apart of this organization, being a fan, a player, a coach, part of the staff or management, or even the owner... you might want to run and hide under a bed to distance yourself from such an unmanly statement.  Not me ... I've stood firm from the day of my birth!  There is no changing from what I am and what I will always be.  To indicate how far off that this derogatory statement is, people equate this franchise with "Kings" ... as of course the work "King" is apart of the word Viking ... but a monarchy is exactly the opposite of what a Viking is, or for what we stand.  A monarchy, or kingdom, is our prey.    

If you search under Wikipedia under the definition, or the derivation of the word, you will note many variants however there is one which stands alone that defines what it means to be apart of this organization.  To be a Viking, it means the following: 

"A WARRIOR that is apart of an EXPEDITION OVER the SEA's"

This was the most perfect adjective, or description, that could ever be applied to any warrior that has aspirations of being apart of the struggle ... that is the NFL.  It is the exact image of warrior that is longing to wear those horns ... and why they wear them.  It is also the most perfect description of something a fan could latch onto as being apart of what they aspire to be.  The Sea's of course refers to the treacherous sea's of the NFL.  The expedition is in reference to the path toward the NFL's ultimate goal ... that we have never achieved, due in part to individuals that do not really want to be apart of this franchise or that are apart of the franchise ... only to exploit it.  This description is as far from royalty as you can possibly get.

To sledge hammer this point home, all you need to do is ask Adrian Peterson, Chris Doleman, Cris Carter, Fran Tarkenton, John Randle or Randall McDaniel if they are in fact "VIKINGS"?  Sure Cris played in Miami and Doleman played in San Francisco but did it change who and what they are?  Will that change tomorrow?  Will that change ever?  Before you head for the exits.  Look at that film again.  What did you see etched upon the grimace of Harvin's face?  It doesn't matter what he might say ... the tell was without question.  It involved blood, sweat and the outright determination of a VIKING.  He's not, nor will he ever be ... any kind of bird ... he just didn't realize it until it was too late.  Do you think for one moment that you can just leave that behind?  Your agent, who has nothing invested on that grid iron ... and beyond, without skipping a heart beat ... he can make that statement.   I wonder what is in the heart of Jared Allen and Kevin Williams (a man of few words)?  What I'm talking about is more than just a change in venue, or better facilities ... or God forbid ... money.  I'm talking about the haunt of your soul.  You will hear the sound of that horn for the rest of your life.  What does the sound of that horn call out to?  It's the WARRIOR's ... OVER THE SEA's@!  This is why the hair stands up on the back of your neck.  It is unavoidable.     

You might have noticed, that most real Viking's don't wear purple.  Instead you'd be better served wearing the pelt from sheep, the leather from the heifer, or the ox ... equipped with stone tools along with bronze or rusting iron.  The reason Vikings are associated with purple is that purple, and royal red are the colors of royalty.  To wear these colors, and to partake in other spoils including pewter, silver and gold, these warriors were expected to conquer or destroy these kingdoms, one by one, upon threshing oar.  Destroying the kingdoms ... that being the 31 other franchises ... of the NFL.  Again, there can be no more a perfect description of the ultimate goal of this organization.  Is it within your power to influence this organizations ultimate destiny ... or does every man ... VI-QUEEN ... have his price?  Spielman ... when I think of Jennings contract, and your futility in regard to this organization ...  all I can think of is ... that YOU SUCK!  Can these men overcome your absolute ineptitude?   

If you're here to play games with the minds of these men ... then you should get out.  If you're looking to be overpaid to be apart of this ... you'd be better off being a Fudge Packer ... except they don't accept outside dreg, as they promote and invest from within.  If looking over the fence wondering if the grass were greener ... then get out and good riddance.   From this day onward ... no one that leaves this organization ... this franchise ... shall ever best us again.  The line has been drawn in the sand.  Get Out!  You fill our mouths and our minds with bile.  If your willing to create the legacy ... then let it be with you ... until your final breath.

You don't have to be the greatest athlete.  All we ask is that you're the greatest warrior that you can be.  

Just about every franchise has three or more primary colors used in either their logo's, their marketing or their uniforms.  The Viking's have only two primary colors ; Yellow or Gold & Viking Purple.  White, like black, is a universal color.  The Vikings should find a way to add a 3rd color ... royal red ... as their 3rd primary color, for the same reasons that we utilize purple.

Imagine the uniforms of our cheerleaders utilizing the broad base of white ... applying opposing accents of either royal red or royal purple.  Opposing Royal Red versus Purple accents ... to identify them as opposing chess pieces in the purity of white.  The white peasant top works ... ultimately defining innocents.  The pebbles skirt falling way short as a travesty.  Vikings are not cavemen.  Vikings are not Neanderthals.  Vikings are adventuring warriors upon the seas.  We are navel warriors.  Imagine these opposing accents upon the broad innocents of white to entice the navel warriors from the seas.   These are not Pop Eye's Olive Oil. They are Sirens calling outward to the salt upon the fair winds of the sea.  Vixens so enticing that the simple hearts of any man would be powerless to avoid the perilous shoals.  Would you put a caveman's pebble's skirt on the "FEVERISH-HELL-CAT", innocent though she is ...  of a United States Marine ... to entice him to return from his adventures upon the seas.  The Wanton Wench to be lavished upon with Royal Red and Royal Purple from his conquest ... as her badge of honor ... for her longing sacrafice.  Now that's an image ... that's a uniform.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 20, 2013