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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Upside-Down Ball
It is as clear as the nose on your face.  Regardless of whether AD starts a game or not, it was clear that in the Vikings opener, that our Viking resources were expended in a reversed order, playing right into the Packers hands. 

Afterwards, still in shock, it was time to tune in to Mike Shanahan's Bronco's opening, and he comes out slinging the ball down the field.  His message was very loud and very clear.  We are going establish the pass immediately, and there is not a thing that you can do about it.  My only thought from the mouth of Shanahan was, "I have a quarterback, and I'm going to use him".  The result, an early 7-0 lead.  You'd be hard pressed to convince me that his quarterback is better than T-Jack.  In my opinion, it the trust and confidence that's behind that talent that ultimately ends up as being the difference.    

With all due respect to Brad Childress, we had no idea what we were dealt with at left tackle.  By the way ... nice job Marcus.  The Vikings chose to use double tight end sets in their opening series, to protect our ends, but with the wrong running back, in my opinion.  Chester was the man of the moment, and he was nowhere to be found.  Chester, with fresh legs, posses dynamic slashing ability.  Combine that with body on body off balanced leverage, and the result is the generation of expenditure ... but the payment is bellied up by the defense ... not our most valuable asset.      

Peterson was used as the Vikings equivalent of, the coaches pacifier.  Either that or they were messaging AD's ego.  This was the wrong message for the up and coming confidence of T-Jack.  You treat him like an invalid ... and that's exactly what you're going to get.  The difference here is that, if you treat Brett Farve like an invalid, what you get is Brett Farve slinging it where ever and however he wants to puts it.  Brett understands that his receivers can out-run, out-jump and out-adjust (position themselves) better than any defensive back or safety ... where loft is Brett's very best friend indeed.  Confidence ensures the result.  A ball with loft is also easier for your receivers to catch.  This is why the old timers were so successful ... they no longer had an arm.  T-Jack gets yelled at using loft!  As for T-Jack ... if your not making mistakes ... then you're not learning.  It's that simple.  If you are forcing me (T-Jack) into slinging it ... then that's exactly what I will do.  Instead we conservatively took the protect your hind quarters approach clearly established by the coaches, where we reacted too slowly to make a difference.    

Where was the play action ... faking AD into the line ... followed by the toss to the cleared out backer zone.  Where was the brilliant shifting of AD in one direction followed by the reverse rollout and  throw in the opposite direction.  Apparently, T-Jack could run. Can you hear the coaches saying, "We can't do that, with weaknesses that we have on our ends."  That doesn't sound like Shanahan.  You could smell the reluctance and fear to throw that ball all over that field.  

Exactly what would have happened if we had instead committed to Chester early after the first 1/3 of the first quarter to say the 1st half of the 2nd quarter.  I mean a patient (calmly tolerating provocation or delay) commitment to Chester ... regardless of the result.  Exactly what would have Green Bays defensive mindset?  What would they be thinking?  The Viking coaches apparently thought that, "We're idiots".  That's why they abandoned Chester!  However, Green Bays coaches thoughts might have been, "What they heck are the going to do ... run with Chester, or force ... yes forcing ... T-Jack into establishing the pass?  If you force T-Jack to pass early ... then he'll have no problem forcing it late ... in any game.  What are you waiting for?  Where will the attack be coming from ... it's called team ball?  If Chester is in, exactly when are they going to unleash AD on us?  Certainly not when we have fresh legs!  They certainly couldn't be that stupid ... could they?"  We have met the enemy ... and they is us!  Wake up ... Dude!  It is the transition ,or better said ... tired transformation ... that catches the defense on its heals ... call it ... rested laurels.    

You can't win games with a Whimper and a Whine.  Chester is a luxury.  He's an incredible asset, but like the lottery and pregnancy ... you got to play to win!        

Childress not shaking that gentleman's hand after the game was exactly what needed to be done.  Just look at the tape.  T-Jack clearly has a knee injury, which was clearly protected by a brace.  Look at how many times the Green Bay defenders ended up into T-Jack's legs.  Once or twice, or maybe even three times in a game ... maybe.  What I witnessed was alarming and an absolute travesty.  How about Syd's touchdown catch.  He's a good 2 yards, or more, out of bounds when he gets his cheap shot from behind.  There were many flags that were missed on that field, but any referee worth his salt should have one prime directive and that is to protect players from injury due to cheap shots.  That gentleman's message was loud and clear ... we are in direct competition for this division, and if I take out your quarterback ... you lose.

Do you think we should make nice with the Vikings staff ... not when I'm in this Beserker Rage!  You have a formula to success ... use it!  Stop trying to be something that you're not!

There are all sorts of ways to lose a game ... unfortunately for you ... you're being paid to win them.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 11, 2008

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