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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Take your pick. Face mask, holding, personaly foul for illegal contact to the head of the quarterback ... all are penalties on the defense.  Even if there is no time left on the clock, any penalty called on the defense, with no time on the clock, results in an Un-Timed play.  Of course, this never happened because there was no penalty called on the defense.  Unless the penalty is called on the field ... it never happened ... Right!

It was January 12, 2009, the packers just lost in overtime in the playoffs on a face mask penalty that caused Rodgers to fumble the ball.  Not a big deal right, well if this play was called correctly, maybe the New Orleans Saints don't win that 2009 Super Bowl Trophy.  It was quite possible that the Packers might have defeated the Saints the following week.  That might have put the 2009 Championship Game back in the friendly confines of the Metrodome for round 3 with the Packers.  The Vikings defeated the Packers twice that year and that was well before Rodger's developed that swagger of his.  In fact, you could say that he had a genuine fear of that Viking front in 2009.  Hey, you never know.  

Here's the thing.  This obvious flaw has never been corrected.  Turnovers in the final 2-minutes of the game caused by penalty merits further review, not ... I guess it didn't happen.  What was done to Rodgers on that day & Joe Webb on this day was nothing short of robbery.  In this case, it is not the Vikings that suffer, in fact some could argue that they benefit from losing today, but it most certainly affects some other NFC team that deserves to be in the 2011 Super Bowl Tournament.  If the Kitty Kats had lost today, they would most certainly be out of the playoff race, especially with their upcomeing schedule, instead they have a good chance of backing into the playoffs with this ill-gotten NFC victory.  Oh yes ladies & gentlemen, it does matter and now your screwing with two of the leagues top franchises (New York Giants & Dallas Cowboys).  You see, although the Viking franchise never mattered ... these two franchises do matter.  
A question that has haunted me since December 28, 1975, "Why does this league reward cheating?"  Hey it worked for the Patriots a couple times (Super Bowls Runs).  It's as if today we watch intently just to see what franchise is going to get dry-screwed today.  Coming to a beloved franchise near you.  Now that's entertainment.  Isn't it odd that some franchises matter and some do not.  All a player has to do is get away with some sort an illegal play, to tip the balance into your favor, and you get to steal all the glory, whether you might deserve it or not.  Apparently ... It's as old as time.  

Instead ... you get to challenge a meaningless spot ... when it doesn't matter. See ... now that's football.

Opening a can of worms ... that's right ... could you actually see the Steelers or the Patriots awaiting the scrutiny, under the blazing lights, for a replay where they obviously got away with murder.  Yeah, the guy is dead, but of course he died of natural causes.  At the time, that guy over hear & there didn't think that flagrant act of murder rose to the level of tossing out a little laundry for the hard working stiff that got nailed ... and then died for some unknown reason.  Now let's all go home to be a bunch of happy campers.  This isn't a court of law where we can look at twelve different cameras angles to disclose the intent.  It's not important.  I got an idea ... Let's put the Cowboys back into another Super Bowl.  Have a nice day!

Here's the thing.  The ghost writer writes the Rodgers article and the following year the Packers are hoisting the Cup!  Not to worry as this Viking franchise is too stupid to recognize a franchise quarterback ... even when he's clearly ramming it down their throats.  Calling this brain trust stupid is nothing less than insulting stupid people.  

Aaron Rodgers: Jan 12,2009 Playoff Loss 
Rodgers gutted like pig.

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 11, 2011