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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Two Quarterbacks
In regard to Super Bowl futility, the NFL has a long history of using two quarterbacks, to get that first Super Bowl win. 

My first exposure to the success using two quarterbacks to secure that first Super Bowl Trophy occurred in 1971 where Tom Landry rotated Craig Morton & Rodger Staubach.  At the time, that every down rotation was thought to be crazy, but it certainly sent a message to those knuckleheads behind center.  In time came the response to protect quarterbacks ego's & coaches jobs ... if you have two quarterbacks, then you don't even have one.  

Let's not forget that magical 1972 season, where due to injury the Miami Dolphins had to rotate Earl Moral & Brian Griese, Then what soon followed in that 1974 season was the rotation of their 1972 draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers with a benched Terry Bradshaw, only to see him reappear during the season, after a string of victories by his backup, before Bradshaw led his team to that franchises 1st Super Bowl Victory.  Now you might not even recall this but the greatest show on turf had to face Tom Brady, who replaced Drew Bledsoe again due to injury maybe but you could now say divine providence.  .       

Now of course, since as a loyal Viking knucklehead, there is no way that I can possible recognize the Saints cheating in the 2009 season, where they are now using two quarterbacks to secure their 1st non-cheating effort.  

The point is that there is allot of smoke, and where there is smoke ... there maybe fire.  

There is probably more, but I have to do my research, as after all, we've been chasing that prize since 1961.  .  

Of course, I'm not referring to our backup quarterback, which is a known commodity.  This is all about Kyle Sloter.  

By the way, this is the anniversary of the original December 28, 1975 "Hail Mary" cheating scum bag game that put the Cowboys in our Super Bowl. 

By the way, Kyle Sloter will not lose to the Bears, the Rams, the Saints or the Seahawks or the Scum Bag Cowboys.   You can't win the greatest prize known to man unless you get there.  Isn't it interesting that the confidence in this franchises ability to win it all is surrounded by the confidence in Kirk Cousins ... where no one has confidence.  Is the window or door of opportunity now open.  

Why is Sloter so important to the scheme of the universal tilt.  It is because of win-win-win.  Sloter is great for the book.  Sloter is also great for the most important thing of all ... the network ratings, just like that cutie Tom Brady those many years ago. Oh, he's cute! (direct quote from my wife at the moment the glitter flew)

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 28, 2018