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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Turn Joe Webb Over ... To Defense
Not only would I make Everson "Tattoo" Griffen my starting strong safety, the man from SAFETY "U" ... USC, as first revealed in Two Steps Away, I'd make the 25 year old Joe Webb my starting free safety.

Joe Webb can run the 40 in 4.39 seconds.  In our typical Cover-2 defensive scheme, how often have you heard that the weakness in the zone scheme is the deep out pattern.  Joe Webb would be able to close on this like a freight train.  

Joe Webb has the largest hands on the planet ... made for catching balls, something that no one in our secondary can seem to do.  According to what was seen in the Senior Bowl, apparently those hands are soft too.  Let me say this again ... the man can catch the ball & turn that pick into a pick-6.
The man has a 42.5" vertical leap.  At 6'4" tall, there is no way Mathew Stafford, or anyone else for that matter, is going to be able to throw the ball up for Detroit's "Megatron" Calvin Johnson to catch it at its highest point.    
Since the offense has no interest in its true one & only franchise quarterback (Joe Webb) for the next 15 years, and it has wasted this resource for almost 2-years now, maybe its time to release this asset to someone that can really use it.  

Somehow the Vikings franchise became caught up in this feel good "Everyone deserves a trophy" & "Everyone is special" attitude that is destroying America.  In the old days, we put our best 11 players on the field and then I bashed your brains in, because after all, you really weren't that special after all.  Thank you Adam Carolla!    

In fact, I'd play Joe Webb both ways, as a 3rd receiver and as my starting free safety.  It's been awhile since the NFL has had a two-way player ... maybe it's time.  Two (2) Way Joe ... "Duba Joe".

At this point, you have nothing to lose.  Playing these two players may reveal a significant gain ... call it untapped resources.

After Les Steckel's horrific 3-13 season, he was immediately canned.  Who knows what on our owner's mind?   It shouldn't be the length of Leslie Frazier's contract or the money ... not if his true goal is a new stadium in Minnesota.  Why?  Because it's only money.  In regard to future head coaches, of all the lunatics out there, most of them wouldn't give Minnesota a sniff.  John Gruden & the Jaw from Pittsburgh come to mind however there is a coach that intrigues me ... Jeff Fisher.  Why?  He was actually around when Buddy Ryan landed that punch on Kevin Gilbride.  Call it a message sent to me courtesy of Joe Kapp.  LMAO!  In that punch was a message regarding the fight instilled within the Nation.  In my opinion in regard to Jeff Fisher, anyone that can reside over that mindset in his coaches, let alone his players, just might have the right idea in putting this franchise back on course. 

Tell me ... why do we have to get rid of Leslie Frazier?  Why can't he stay?  Former Head coaches are strewn all over the NFL.  Didn't Jeff Fisher, Leslie Frazier & Mike Singletary all play for that 1985 Bears championship team.  NO!  NO!  There is nothing wrong with this man.  It's not time to throw the baby out with the bath water ... to throw water on this fire.  It's time to throw more fuel on it.  Sometimes it is best to restructure, solidify ... then dominate the field.  Leslie has a contract ... make it work in his favor too.  In my book, the title is not the measure of the man.  His strengths are without question.  There is absolutely no shame as in my book you didn't fail ... you, like Adrian Peterson, where just fooled.  Doesn't anyone remember a guy name Belichick ... in Cleveland.  Sometimes you are pushed into the scenario ... before your time.  Timing is everything.  You have a job to do.      

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 1, 2011