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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Trouble Water Bridge 
Who exactly knows why things happen for the reasons that they do.  In the 1969 season, Len Dawson had supposedly blown out his knee where he ended up leading the Chiefs to a victory in Super Bowl IV.  Let's not forget Earl Moral leading the 1972 Dolphins for much of that season nor can we forget Kurt Warner leading the Rams to his magical season after Trent Green blew out his knee in the pre-season.

So what do we know.  Teddy was a broke quarterback.  Teddy may be a broke quarterback pending his upcoming analysis.  Teddy according to the experts was deficient across the board except for one key stat.  He wins.  In that winning regard he was much like Joe Kapp ... who couldn't throw a tight spiral to save his life ... but as Bud Grant would attest Joe found a way to win.  Now we find ourselves in quandary and names are being thrown around right & left only to wonder how this franchise might react.  The key of course is not to react.

Mark Sanchez has been recently held over the Pokes head as trade bait & there are several others to consider ... all of which have a great list of key short comings.  Of course ... just as along with every breathing purple blooded brother & sister ... we now are all searching for some type of sign.  We need a proven winner.  Someone that can hold up for the entire season.

Who knows what it might mean but while watching the news on the very day of Teddy's disaster, I'm watching Tim Tebow re-emerge, trying out for his shot in baseball.  Sure the kid can't run an NFL practice with his arm but there is one thing that was undeniable.  This collegiate national champion knows one thing ... he knows how to win.  

Oh the humanity.  A running quarterback on a running team.  Could it work?

Well, there's always Christian Ponder to consider.  Why do I now find myself trying to swallow a bit of vomit?

The task is at hand.  Your quest is to search under every rock until you can find a clear solution to this dilemma.  Teddy will be back however your perilous job is to find that Bridge Over So Much Troubled Water.  

What is clear is that you are expected to Zig rather than Zag however does what you're expected to do change the outcome.  Our back up quarterback may be relied upon for spot duty ... not the long hall.  It's now your move.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 30, 2016