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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

There is nothing more intriguing than a woman that can transform right before your eyes.  What immediately comes to mind is Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie True Lies that tears apart her frilly conservative dress into some sexy black number to entice Arnold Schwarzenegger in  what became a provocative dance for her husband.  At first sight ... it was an eye opening jaw dropper.  

The Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders have changed one of their uniforms to an almost all white ensemble.  It's nice but they've may have missed out on the transformation.  You see, black light transforms everything that is white into a provocative purple.  That includes white stockings, garters, gloves and everything else that might be white.  Hopefully, one day our new stadium might be able to capture that transformation.  As there is nothing like a sweet & innocent woman wearing the purity of white only to be transformed into her true Viking colors in a heart beat.  

You see ... you cannot fake opening a vein that flows purple, even if it was clad in white.

Viking Ghost Writer
Date: June 25, 2016