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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Trade Mark 
Me thinks he doest protest too much.  There is one prime reason for the NFL's worldwide popularity.  It is because is closely approximates the struggle of life ... in its brutal truth.  The only message that is discerned from allowing the New Orleans Saints to walk away with the NFL's greatest prize for the bottom line cost of $50,000 in fines, with no ejections, is purely dirty politics in nature.  This isn't what I saw ... it's what the world witnessed.  When Mr. NFL commissioner then feels compelled to apply the same exact penalty for having any man have his knee touch the ground as compared to potentially taking away a mans career, the decision completely diverges from truth & life into the dirty business of politics & political solutions based upon power & control.

An unnamed source questioned, "Why does he feel the need to rope a calf?"  You need to look no further than the dress blues of a sergeant in the United States Marine Corp, looking down at the golden the hash marks that run up & down his sleeves.   Go ahead and ask him why he feels compelled to show such a distinction.  Exactly how is this standard different?  Isn't Reggie White in the hall of fame based upon this same distinction?  Why isn't the NFL's Iron man in the hall of fame?  I can imagine the unmistakable hash marks upon his sleeve ... much more deserving that many that preceded him.  Could it be that the omnipotent one now stands before us because some distant relative was intelligent enough not to test the man with so many notches in his gun?  These thing that we speak of are more than important ... it's what pays your salary.  

Will I ever hear a coach again say, "Take a knee?"  Exactly how long will it be where players will be made to sit on a bench, with an obstructed view of the game, instead of taking a knee on the sideline, to watch the unfolding of a historic event.  Exactly when did the ink on a contract over rule an individuals right of freedom of speech ... or even the right to breath free?     

It's not the players that Mr. NFL commissioner should be concerned about on this call.  It goes way beyond that now, as the target of the omnipotence is squarely found upon your brow.  This is now your trademark move.

This trade mark is a reflection of your pending CBA failure as your potential is only to divide whereas Pete Rozzelle, your polar opposite, understood the importance of the greater good where he chose to join & build rather than to destroy.  It doesn't take a genius to destroy a building ... all it takes is an idiot with a big sledge hammer.

Brutality of Truth
Within this game we love so dearly, like a mistress & a smile our spouse will never understand, lies the brutality of truth.  Some time ago, I wrote of Michael Vick being signed by Philadelphia.  At the time I labeled it Donovan McNabb's exit visa & without Brett Favre in Minnesota ... Maybe McNabb doesn't make it to Washington.  It came true ... however, there is no definitive time-line on what is to come.  On more than one occasion, I wrote of Randy Moss returning to the cradle of excellence & now my hair stands on end as news of his return is imminent.  In his mind was a promise based upon the lie of "Cheating Beaners".  Now his words, "I play when I want to play", have returned him back into the fold.             

I wonder what Randy has in store for the Jets (on his return to purple), the Cowboys (the un-forgiven manipulation & casting aside as too great a risk) & the Patriots (the promise based upon a lie).  Only time will tell.  What is certain is that Randy Moss had his detractors ... he was also loved by millions.  A tortured soul ... with a child-like spirit.  Where are the eyes of the NFL?  Could this be the NFL's greatest quarterback ... greatest runner ... greatest receiver ... all assembled within the continuum ... to be its witness?  How bout' them ratings!!!!!!  They were high before ... where's the limit now?      

As for the brutality of truth, there isn't a horn drawn character walking the face of this earth that thinks that T-Jack has a future in Minnesota.  His unofficial exit visa, just like McNabb, has been stamped, where all the pressure of the world has been released from his shoulders.  The good news is that he is now free to write his own history in his own way.  The man has worth ... he just needs a new start & a new mentor.  Whatever time remains within the the cradle of excellence, he will enjoy to its fullest.  It is now time to elevate Joe Webb to #2 spot, as important playing time gained within 2010 will prove to be of immeasurable value toward his preparation.  Joe can help this team ... T-Jack cannot.

Since 2006, a long time ago I know ... you've forgotten.  You've earned back the respect?  Don't cheapen this defense with words.  When they ask you about the defense & the comparisons ... have none of it ... remember that it is a unit, not an individual.  It is simply what is expected here in Minnesota as people around these parts first cut their teeth on sound aggressive elite defense.  We can only aspire to achieving that level of success & to achieve the historic levels that preceded us.  It's just our turn to perpetuate that standard ... bringing it forward to the next generation.          

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 6, 2010

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