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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Time Warp
Is it just me, or does each week that passes seem like a decade in time.  Look back just to the beginning of training camp & it seems like it's taken forever just to get to this day.  Are we caught amidst a time warp?

I wanted to personally thank the New Orleans Saints for inviting the Minnesota Vikings to New Orleans to witness their Super Bowl party on September 9th.  I can't wait to watch the reaction on the faces, of the body language of our 53 when that Super Bowl banner is raised to their rafters.  I've seen this image over and over in my head, backwards & forwards.   

I wonder if they'll be wearing purple pants?  Why has it happened only once in a victory versus the arch rival Bears ... at least in the recent era?

Each time I envision this moment, it is accompanied by an unmistakable image.  It's Tom Hank's as Forest Gump saying, "Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther Party".  The second, of the champ in Harlem Nights saying,"D-D-D-Don't t-t-take the-the-the this ass wa-wa-wa whipin' p-p-personal".  Why am I haunted?

I then fondly recall the opening day of our 1999 season.  I recall the lore and tale of the opening of the 1970 season ... it's brutality in its elegance.   There are others ... a day I never witnessed ... only in legend ... opening day 1961.  Why am I haunted by these images, the yarns ... the saga?   

Am I the only creature on the face of this good planet earth that can see Joe Webb, not knowing Sheet-from-Shinola, streaking through the Saints defense being found by the one carrying Fort Knox in his ass?  Perseus, being handed special, but unassuming tools, by the gods.  Assigned the impossible task after task.  Working toward his destiny ... Freedom.  To live unencumbered for the remaining days of his life.  What mere mortal or beast can stand in its way?

Why am I drawn to be it's witness?

On paper, there is little to be feared.  Rice ... out!  Cook ... out!  Griffen - out!  Sullivan - out!  Sapp - gone!  Taylor - gone!  Farve - crippled!  Well, maybe not.

All entwined with these visions is an event.  Recalling this life turning episode of a flight into Chicago where we were made to circle for hours.  We attempted landing several times but were thwarted due to violent on-the-ground tornados.  A 4+ hour flight from Vancouver taking over 6+ hours ... never once worrying about fuel.  Never worrying about anything.  Violently shaking wings with engine mounts swaying to & fro.  Bare knuckles consumed by fear should of been the order of the day ... instead, entrapped within a bubble not bigger than a very small cramped office, at complete & utter peace within myself ... protected by something that could not be explained or understood.  Sitting next to a soft spoken stranger, a gentle man, a mench that knew exactly everything about me, my name, my life, my family, my history, my dilemma ... and my future.  Never caring to ask, "How do you know all this?" At each segment ... A repeating verse to answer all my anguish, to all my queries ... you never know!      

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 1, 2010

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