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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Act 4 has gracefully come to its conclusion and what a drama it truly was.  We pay for entertainment and that's exactly what we got.  Now its back to the business of the NFL.

In no disrespect to the William's, Allen's, Greenway's, etc., the toughest players on the field are what I consider the daggers within the bull fight.  To put this in perspective, Winfield's body is nothing more than a remarkable blood letting machine.  Each has his role where the fore-mentioned get to gaze upon it in true amazement.

In a blink of an eye I saw Griffin get knocked senseless followed by the sacrifice of the largest bone in any mans body of one of the toughest players in the league ... all taken out by this kid Jamarca Sanford.  This just doesn't happen on film ... but I recall that it did for a player named Ronnie Lott.  It is the daggers that have a way of changing the outcome of any game.  Note to NFL ... Jamarca liked and respected Griffin and EJ ... imagine what he's might have in store for you.  Let's just remember .... it just doesn't show up on cellulose by happenstance.

Brilliance always moves on
Today, we don't remember Tony Dungy as the defensive coordinator in Minnesota that was passed up year after year
.  Today we hear comparisons with both active coaches and coaching prospects to what is now one of the most respected individuals in this game.  Leslie Frazier, this quiet unassuming man, with the eyes that reveal a cauldron of restrained intense pressurized liquid magma, will not be known as the next Tony Dungy.  His brilliance is destined to carve out his own unique epitaph of fame.  At first, I didn't know him, and simply rejected the notions, but in time I've learned a great deal about him through his actions.

Tony was a by product of the great Steelers of the 70's ... a bygone era where players had the luxury of evolving within one organization.  LF, on the other hand, is a disciple of Buddy Ryan ... a man who's brilliance reaches deeply back into the New York Jets of Super Bowl III, the Minnesota Vikings of the 1970's, the immortal Bears of the 80's, as well as the Green Machine of Reggie Whites days in Philadelphia and beyond.  Take a good look at the NFL today and Buddy Ryan's influence on this game is unmistakable.  Of every Vikings that awaits his entrance to the hall of fame, there is one that is more deserving and that is Buddy Ryan.   

Cris Carter maybe our next inductee, but to put it all in perspective, just gaze back upon Cris's reverence to a simple man that is Buddy within that interview where Cris gets to tell him thank you for without Buddy, there would be no Cris Carter awaiting his induction.  In all of Mike Ditka's pomp and circumstance, combined within the turmoil of the 85 season, see how he feels about Buddy Ryan.  These words alone are enough to make any hall of fame selector think twice about the NFL's most influential innovator ... maybe the greatest defensive mind ... of all time.  Never be fooled by his poker face demeanor, where he deflected all controversy to himself rather to allow his players to be preyed upon.  This man was beyond brilliant, where we just couldn't see it for what it really was and that was because Buddy protected his players at all cost, regardless of what it might cost him.
As for this Frazier guy,
what sealed his fate was in losing EJ early in 2008.  Frazier utilized the two linebacker set of Greeway and Leber, which became a thing of elegance.   To be direct, when EJ came back, my first thought was great, we have one of the greatest linebackers in the league back within the fold.  My very next thought was a selfish one indeed.  You see, once I was exposed to Leslie Frazier's brilliance of his two linebacker set upon the field ... I became a slave to it.  My hunger for it became insatiable.  My question became ... with EJ on the field, how do we get back to where I once belonged.  For this thought alone, I apologize to EJ for even thinking such a thought but I hope he understands it.  As long as the William's wall stands, the hand of Leslie Frazier becomes unmistakable.

These may very well be the last three games of Leslie Frazier and a great Viking defense.  So tell me ... what role will evolve from thumper.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 6, 2010

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