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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Throw Back Day 
If anything. last years game versus the Sea-A-holes taught us is that it is time for the Minnesota Vikings franchise to consider scheduling, in each years regular season schedule, a throw back game understanding one key NFL rule ... the field must be the same for both teams.  What I'm talking about is taking advantage of a unique feature of St. Paul & Minneapolis that comes to call in winter.  The one & only true 12th man and it was clearly on display in that playoff game.     

No one faults the Packers for having to play in Green Bay in January or December.  No one faults the Dolphins for playing in Miami in early September and no one faults the Chiefs for having to play in over 100 degree Fahrenheit heat on opening day in Kansas City (yeah I remember that game).

It's now time to consider the Minnesota Vikings Throw Back Day.

For the fans, "Throw Back Day" will be pre-announced so everyone (fans & players) will be prepared for playing in Minnesota's unique elements.  The Vikings franchise will be responsible for pre-marketing the advisories for that game.  In our final home game either in
January or at the end of December, the Vikings will open those four large stadium doors to play in the elements like the Throw Backs of history used to do.  It will be just like it was playing in last years playoff game, as no one will know if it will be windy, snowy or at what temperature.  God will provide that answer just like up in Green Bay or down in Miami.  There is a reason that those doors were installed on that stadium and most importantly of all ... the field will be the same for both teams ... and nothing will prevent the game from being played.  No ice storm.  No winter storm.  

So why would we consider "Throw Back Day"?.  Well, to be direct, our team in the prior two years was a tougher group of chaps ... because they were an outdoors team ... not the sterile dome team like the Colts or the Vikings of old.  To be direct, no one has ever feared a dome team as they are just a bunch of ... (fill in the blanks).  

Hockey can be played outdoors (The Winter Classic) ... So can football.  No one ever guaranteed a nice comfy warm dome game up in Minnesota.  All that was promised was entertainment and entertainment value.  Keep in mind that Minnesota doesn't play in a dome.  They play in that brand new building with everything that it has to offer.  This is a brand new concept and everyone will now have to come to terms with it.  No one has the right to make anyone keep those doors closed ... as in Minnesota ... we have an open door policy.   No one forced the Cowboys to enclose Texas Stadium into a dome and no one can tell us what to do either.  In other words, it was ok for the Cowboys to play in the elements so it ok for every team to have to play in the elements.   

To prove that this franchise has a heart ... Whatever is saved on heating the building on "Throw Back Day" will be sent back to the state of Minnesota to help pay for their portion of paying for the building in an effort to return money to the tax payers in the State of Minnesota.

In our 2017 season, the Lions, Saints, Rams, Tampa Bay & Green Bay are all candidates for our Throw Back Day come early winter.  

In this matter, there is only one thing for certain.  This will be the most in-demand ticket of the entire season for any and all franchises ... music to the ears of season ticket holders ... as it changes the complexion of every event complex in the NFL.    

Now keep in mind, this isn't like the Meadowlands, when the stadium crew would open that massive door at one end of that stadium to establish variant winds to prevent accurate throws against it or to foil your field goal attempts, only to close that door for the home team.  Once those stadium doors in Minnesota are open ... they will stay that way for the entire event ... thus the term, "Throw Back Day".

Now if you're a Jerry Burns fan, he was obsessed about offensive stats where he argued the Vikings stat sheet would be vastly different playing in the controlled environment of a dome as compared to playing in the Met however as it turned out ... it was the same for both teams.  If A. A. Ron Rodgers has taught us anything, it's that he loves playing in domes as his thrown ball is both crisp & clean in that environment ... but not so much in either the wind or in the cold.  

When it comes to a home playoff tilt, this Vikings franchise will advise whether those door will be open or not and it will up to this Vikings franchise to advise everyone well in advance of that upcoming tilt.  That's the way it ought to be where these million dollar athletes will get to show either their meddle or complain about what they will be made to endure.  Maybe we'll even get to see Paul Krause  stop by to once again pick at his scabs in front the visitors bench like Bud Grant did in his shirt sleeves in college town.  Yeah!  Throw Back Day!  We might even get to see someone growing a set on that field rather than having to focus our attention on the incessant complaining about some players overpaid contract.  

Once again, no one ever promised anyone a warm cozy event ... especially the players.  

What history tells us is that when the ground crew iced the field in Pittsburgh from about 10 yards outside the hash marks when they played the Raiders in that playoff contest those many years ago, the game was played as Pete Roselle stated to Madden ... the field would be the same for both teams.

To be direct, I'm one pissed off fan that remembers the days of playing in that old Metropolitan Stadium with all those unique advantages in late December & during the playoffs.  It sickens me to have to eat crow upon hearing those words that my Minnesota Vikings are a dome team.  Really!  Really!  Not any more.  It is paramount to send the message that these Vikings are an outdoors team & will always be an outdoors "TOUGH" team.  

Sure, if we don't make it to Super Bowl LII we'll be sure to close those doors and heat the building but that's just about all that we are willing to promise.   

Yeah!  Throw Back Day!  

Can you even open those doors in the winter or will all those pipes freeze and burst?   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 20, 2017