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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

There are So Many 
How are we supposed to win this thing without a quarterback?  Teddy ... the recipient of a cheap shot to the head ... lies unconscious on the ground.  The NFL concussion protocol takes control.  What are we supposed to do?  What do we do now?  What ensued was a floundering ship ... at least until it counted. 

Shaun Hill, picks the splinters from his hind quarters, and becomes the next man up.  He's cold.  He doesn't do so well as feeling that rush brings back memories.  Sometimes ... you just can't trust yourself.  Shaun does stupid things.  Norv panics.  What do we do now?  Then the solution comes to Norv.  Feed Peterson the ball.  Hill finally finds a way to finally get that ball out.  He relies upon his instincts.  Success!  

How are we supposed to win this game without a quarterback?  The answer is absolutely clear to one man.  Dude!  I played entire seasons without a quarterback.  Adrian Peterson, once again, took the entire team upon his back and carried it to victory.  Whether it is 2,000 plus yards in a season ... or when whenever our backs are up against the wall ... I'll be there.  I am here.  I've been built for a purpose.  

Man, this is hard to say, but the game ball goes to Christian Ponder.  If not for Ponder, Adrian Peterson would not be prepared to do what he did today. 

Do you still want to do a comparison?  Now ask yourself ... exactly how far is Gurley from the Hall of Fame?    

Don't get me wrong ... this new kid is special.  Anyone could see it, but what you're saying is disrespectful.

Greg Williams ... you swiped yet another Super Bowl from us ... in your pummeling of Brett Favre in that 2009 championship game.  There was no way you were going to swipe this game from us today ... on yet another cheap shot.  The finger that pushed that kick wide right was certainly a form of justice.  It showed up today.  The Rams losing that game today ... that was justice.  Keep up your evil ways as in time you'll be on the same track as the Dirt Patch ... Out of the League.  Some people just don't learn.  The forces of good are much more powerful that evil.  Now go hide amongst the slime ... that you are.    

Adrian ... "High N' Tight" ... "High N' Tight"  ... "High N' Tight".  Don't give anyone the satisfaction.  Control what you can control.  Handle the tiller of upon your future legacy.  One more thing.  Today I saw one hell of a magnificent block that came at this games pivot point.  It blew my eyes out of my head.  No one even began to mention it ... nor did they point out its significance.  It happened.  I waited so long for that moment.  It now lies with eternal Sweetness.  It is now a key part of your legacy ... like that 85 season.  It's significance is now more important than the sum of it all.  It is the completion of your legacy.  The only problem that you now face is that once we've seen it ... we have no choice but to be hungry for it once again.  That block is a keystone of a mighty arch of great strength and stature.  Something so simple ... as to be overlooked ... as to create a masterpiece.  Yeah!  I got your message.  My passion bleeds purple ... my only wish is that I could share it with you ... but that's never to be my role.  

Does God get to watch his children play?  Does that truly please him?  I get to watch.  It pleases me.  All I have to offer ... is my gratitude.  There are so many.        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 8, 2015