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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Wall
In regard to our roster ... the key question that needs to be asked is, "Is it through the wall, or around it?"  In other words, there are two approaches: The war of attrition or the art of war.  Regardless of whether there was an actual rift between Farve & Childress, which would actually be a good thing, Chilly has demonstrated a comfort level behind his tanks rather than to achieve the objectives of space.  On Chilly's behalf ... you play with the hand that you've been dealt and then you endeavor to persevere.  Chilly has played that hand with masterful skill as item upon item shows up on tape.  We now find ourselves in flux ... unsettled ... ripe with opportunity!  

Generally most teams are woefully bad, which means year to year most draft choices makes the 53 man roster.  Our problem is that our roster is crammed with veterans.  We've become accustomed to relying upon these veterans and the specific skill sets that they poses.  Of our seven (7) draft picks, Chris Cook, Toby Gerhart & Chris Degeare are certain to make the 53 man roster based upon their obvious worth in our scheme.  Where the decisions diverge is how we might handle the other four (4) draft picks.     

My preconceived notion in regard to Toby Gerhart was that we were latched into a player like Mike Alstott.  It turns out that I was both right & wrong.  Apparently, there is no comparable player to Gerhart's style ... at least no player that I've known or seen.  This is a truly unique set of bones that defies description.

The Alstott factor emerged its ugly head within this kid named Ryan D'Imperio.  All that is missing is the A-Frame-like-pads.  What he's showed on tape is good hands, balance & power to smell out that end zone.  Combine that with something that was unmistakable ... he has another gear that make other players look like their running in slow motion.  The big question mark is in regard to his blocking skills, which is always in question with rookies however he is a converted linebacker which means that he might be used to a little contact and he also looks to be carrying a bit of a load in his hind quarters, which is a good thing.  The bottom line is that Ryan will not make it through the waiver wire as what is now on tape is unmistakable.  Now compare this with the reliable tank-like Jeff Dugan, with hands of stone, and you'll get your answer.  Jeff is designed for smashing through walls whereas Ryan is designed for skirting The-Wall.  As part of the rotation it is clear that Ryan will become an immediate threat thereby diverting the Chi of the defense.

The red flag is now indicating high alert throughout the league.  This is your second & final warning.  Joe Webb will absolutely not get through the waiver wire.  Is there a football soul living & breathing that doesn't know this?  There are teams drooling over the chance to snap this prospect up, regardless of the cost, as Joe just might be a once in a generation type athlete, regardless of the position.  There is absolutely no safe move if it involves Joe & the waiver wire.  What confounds me to the limits of my endurance is the thought that our plan is to stash this talent onto the 53 man roster as the emergency quarterback, which means he'll never see that field in 2010.  As Brett Favre would say ... Alert! Alert! Alert! ... and I'll add ... this is no Daunte Culpeper.  Raw!  My Ass!  Get out your torches and pitchforks as the natives are soon to rioting in the streets over "The-Plan".  Could it be that the gods have bestowed upon us a gift of the magnitude of a Randy-Moss-Rookie-Year (absolutely no disrespect to Moss)?  Joe is the unstoppable force.  

Could our recent bad Karma be a god-like response attributable to "The-Plan" to cage this Herculean-like talent?  Note to Chilly ... "it" absolutely cannot be contained.  To slam the door on exposing Webb to the field in 2010, we deal Sapp for Camarillo.  Why?  To run the scout team.  What is the immediate response by the gods?  The tweaking of Cook's knee which immediately jeopardizes the Sapp decision.  Coincidence ... let's not delude ourselves.  If you continue in the endeavor to stash "The Gift", what will be the ultimate response?  I shudder at the thought.  On September 9th, 1 out of the 45 better contain the name Webb!   Ignore this to your own peril. 
Why was Harvin allowed to be the immediate impact where Mr. Joe must be stashed?  It makes no sense whatsoever.   He is the ultimate athlete.

Chilly ... with all due respect, we are not asking you a question.  We will however, in time, be asking you to deal with our wrath.  Go ahead ... try your best to contain this.  I dare yah@!  Could there be mouths agape with Joe on the other side of a deep Favre pass.  If you do this, even once, the entire world will be burning down in flames.  Do not look under this rock!  Jupiter is rising!  Brett can find a gnats ass in what we all see as the wilderness (See 2009 regular season 49ers game).  

Let me be direct in stating that the value of Kleinsasser is immeasurable but the Viking problems might be in trying to replicate Jim over and over again.   AD might be thinking that jettisoning a tank might expose his flanks however he might ask himself the question, "Why has he consistently been running into brick walls?"  The answer might come from following his tanks.  Dugan-Kleinsasser-Tahi left ... defense follow the tanks.  Dah!  A tank is only one type of threat.  The solution might comes from having the defense having to cleave itself to follow the additional multi-threats.  D'Imperio & Webb are unmistakable threats.  Following the multi-threats means shifting the defense into zones that opens running lanes.  Could this be what has been missing from our run offense? 

As for Albert Young, we all realize that his pass protection skills are without question however in 2-years, "The It" has not shown up on film.  Are you telling Brett that he needs to take away potential threats like Ram-Rod because the greatest coaching staff ever assembled cannot teach D'Imperio & Ram-Rod how to block?  Help me out here ... I just don't get it.  

All I know is that high risk can bring high reward and doing the same thing over and over again, expecting the same result is the very definition of insanity.   

I just cannot hold my tongue.  When opportunity knocks, and you shut it out ... it's a sin.  

As for Brett, it is now clear that you've been escorted to your destiny.  The Continuum, or the Chi, if you will, could not be settled without this action.  The clarity that you seek to your life can only come from following through on your destiny.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 30, 2010 

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