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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The "Sell-Out"! 
I'm holding two conflicting media in my hands.  The first is a book, "A tradition of Purple", written by Jim Burton, and the second is a VCR tape of the Steeler's vs. the Vikings on December 18, 2005.
  For those that don't recall, the Steeler's were to travel to the Metrodome for a match versus the Vikings.  Both teams were 8 and 5, with the only difference being that if the Steeler's lost this contest, they would have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  The Viking's lost the game to the soon to be world champions of Super Bowl XL 18-3.  The Steeler's made it as the 6th seed, the lowest playoff seed available.  Don't get me wrong, the Steeler's were a great team and I don't mind losing, I just don't relish having my heart ripped out.  

My problem was in watching that contest.  With so much as stake do we see a Metrodome full of purple.  No, we get a heavy dose of the worlds greatest fans ... No, not Viking fans, but rather Steeler's fans waiving their terrible towels, heavily dispersed throughout the crowd, and in prime seats.

In Jim Burton's book he describes the Viking faithful enduring horrendous weather conditions, the only true 12th man, time after time, at the old Metropolitan Stadium.  These fans have worn these experiences as forged and hardened Nordic Badges of Honor.  These are memories that have never left them.  In a time where fans come second to corporate sponsorships, in that we all truly have no chance of getting super bowl tickets, we all have been numbed by the hideousness that's evolved over time.  

Fast forward to September 30, 2007.  It's Deja Vu, all over again!  The Green Bay Packer's are coming to town for a contest with the Vikings.  Bret Farve is about to break Dan Marino's touchdown record, some say the equivalent to Babe Ruth's Home Run records.  I turn on the broadcast only to hear the announcer Pitt's state that an entire season's worth of tickets has been paid for by "selling-out" to Green Bay Packer's fans on this day.  "Sold-Out" to the highest bidder.  No Viking fans would ever do this, would they?

As the game continues, the camera sweeps throughout the Metrodome to exposes the truth.  Front row seats throughout, occupied by the "Limburger-Head" faithful, all to watch history unfold before them.  Could it be that these prized seats have been held in reserve for corporations, rather than my true purple blooded peers.

It wasn't long ago that we may have all watched them raise the 12th man banner in Seattle, for their 2007 home opener, something that holds meaning throughout that stadium.  In watching this, as an old salt, I think quietly to myself ... 12th man, are you kidding me.  Rip the top off the Metrodome in December or January and I'll show you when the 12th man comes to call.  For some, this will only be a memory.  I say nothing, as to do so, I'd have to explain myself to a generation that has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.

Mr. Wilf, if you are watching, hearing, breathing, feeling, please remember these words.  "We reserve the right to sell our tickets, season or otherwise to whomever we choose to".  These prime seats are awarded to the privileged Viking faithful that deserve to have them.  

It's time to say, I'm sorry Mr. Corporation, we realize that you've held these seats for these number of years, and that you have lots of money, but these prime seats have been reassigned.  When they ask why, just tell them because the true Viking faithful aren't willing to rip the hearts out of Viking Fans throughout the world for a buck!       

This is more than just a little embarrassment! 

Now I think back to this years articles written about the Vikings not being able to sell out the Metrodome, a record held since 1998.  Hello!  Did you ever wonder why?  It ain't because of playing bums, because we've endured them for years!    

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 1, 2007

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